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The Ultimate Wild Kinam/Kyara Sampler

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In the grand tapestry of olfactory encounters, few can rival the rarity and allure of the wild kinam experience we've curated for you. Our Master Perfumist has meticulously hand-selected each component of this Kinam sampler, offering an intimate understanding and profound appreciation of one of the world's most mystical and precious substances - kinam.

You may ponder why we offer this, a material of exceptional scarcity and value, to the public and at such a reasonable price. The truth is this treasure has been inherited in our house. Should we attempt to source it anew today, the cost would exceed $10,000 per gram. We're offering this rarity at a price that invites many to possess and experience it. The quantity provided ensures multiple occasions of indulgence and a lasting keepsake.

This Kinam sampler offers:

  1. A 3ml bottle of Kinam oil, distilled from wild woods in China's Hainan region in 1997. A treasure so rare, only 25ml exists worldwide.
  2. 3ml of 100-year-old Tonkin Vietnamese Musk, intertwined with rose and sandalwood oil. A scent not previously offered; this oil's global presence amounts to a mere 30ml. A perfect companion to Kinam oil and wood, this Musk enhances the sensory journey.
  3. A gram of wild organic Kinam, sourced from a single tree inhabited by a green ant colony in China's Hainan region.
  4. A gram of organic red soil Vietnamese Kinam, aged over 100 years, from a singular tree root.

Crucially, neither the woods nor the oils in this collection hail from human-interfered plantations. They are 100% wild, 100% natural. In a market where similar materials command prices over $10,000 per gram, we offer just seven of these exclusive packages, allowing our clients to experience true, wild Kinam without severe financial burden.

This package houses some of the world's rarest and most extraordinary wild Kinam woods. We're confident that no other house or company has offered, or will offer such a package. Each of the seven packages will be numbered for exclusivity (1 - out of 7, 2 out of 7, etc.).

Every package is accompanied by a certificate, hand-signed by the owner and Master Perfumist of the house. This serves as our unwavering guarantee and legally binding commitment to quality. Embrace the exceptional, embrace the rare - your wild kinam journey begins here.