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100% pure, lab-tested, certified ethical deer Musk non-mixed non treated. One gram/raw musk NOT a perfume

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This price is for 1 gram only. 

update "After the total amount of the first 5 grams we offered below all sold-out, and due to the continues requests to provide ethical and sustainable high-quality lab tested musk we are offering more of this musk from the same place. we can only offer very limited quantity of this and for a limited time".  

100% pure, lab-tested, certified ethical deer Musk non-mixed non treated.

This was a sample that we acquired from an ethical Musk farm in china in Shaanxi province.

They raise some of the rarest and best breeds of deer Musk and produced some of the highest quality ethical Musk.

It was presented to us as the highest quality pure Musk that the farm produced and it was one of the best we have ever seen. Out of the total amount of 8 grams we used one gram for lab testing, one gram for Maceration, and one gram for rose infusion. All had perfect results so we wanted to offer those few grams left for those who are interested in trying, using, or smelling this magic and extremely rare material.

This process is done without killing, harming, or endangering the animal, this is done by a certified veterinarian the Musk is extracted once a year taken from the pod without any harm or pain to the animal as it is outside the skin on a superficial level and doesn't require any kind of deep surgical procedure, actually if it is not taken it will cause the animal discomfort and the animal will start scratching it with woods and rocks to get rid of it and mark the territory in attracting females for breeding, the animal is free and lives in a very similar environment to a fully wild animal and this is the only way it would produce Musk.

Many consider the animal caged and not living in a fully natural or wild environment and that is probably true but this is the only way to protect the animal and save it from being extinct, due to hunting and over sourcing. The farmers of Musk take extreme care of the animal and there is a certified veterinarian on duty on every farm.

Just in case you are wondering what happened to the animal after the Musk is extracted! The animal gets released back to the Reserve or the farm as it can produce musk for many years to come. This is not a meat farm or a butcher's house so the animal is not killed for their meat or parts. Additionally, the more free and healthy the animal is the better quality of Musk it produces.

Musk is considered one of the rarest and most powerful and sacred materials in the world in Judaism it is considered so precious and sacred that there is a specific prayer or recitation you say before smelling Musk.

In Islam it is considered the scent of the prophets and saints and the scent of heaven, it is the best and most precious scent on Earth, and it was the favorite scent of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

In Christianity, until this day in old countries and cities like Jerusalem, Lebanon, and Egypt a musk oil or perfume or Musk incense is used in many of the churches and the cathedrals.

In Buddhism musk is also considered a sacred material it is used by monks and shaman doctors of the Himalaya in both spiritual and alternative medicine practices.

In Hinduism it is considered an extremely rare and sacred material, it was described in the old Sanskrit texts and considered one of the most important and powerful elixirs that are used in many applications in the old Vedic alternative medicine and herbal therapy.

In many other cultures and beliefs musk is considered one of the very few materials, that has spiritual powers or special energies that can affect the person wearing it or carrying it adding a level of protection from negative energies and an aura of attraction to the opposite sex.

Natural musk can be used in many ways and it is very potent and powerful so only very little amounts of it are used in perfumery. for example, the original Arabic receipt for making Rose Musk oil by "Al kindi" states that to make Musk oil for every hundred grams of pure rose oil you use one to three grams of Musk. It is also the same percentage that was used by the old Indian Attars in making Musk with sandalwood oil also 1 to 3 g of pure musk for every 100 g of sandalwood oil then the oil is shaken on regular basis and left in a dark place to mature for 6 months to one year.

This can also be used in Maceration, flavoring, solid perfumery, and many other applications. Any perfume collector or avid connoisseur should know what pure Musk smells like and should at least have a gram of pure musk in their collection.

Our goal of listing this and offering it to the public is not to make the sale, as if you calculate the time, effort, cost, to get this and lab testing it you will realize we will never make our money back!

Additionally, we could have simply used it in making a special Attar or perfume which we can sell for a multiplication of the price, but we wanted to offer it to people so they have the chance of knowing it, trying it, and appreciating it, and hopefully, with that knowledge and understanding they will have a better idea of the value and the power of this rare and sacred material and the value and the importance of the deer mask animal and the need to protect it and save it.


The price for one gram of pure raw musk 


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