Al-Galiyah by Al-kindi - Galiyat al-Gawali recreation by The Perfumist

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The name al-galiyah in Arabic means precious one, it is a common name to describe something of extremely high value and rarity. The name himself (Abu Yousif Yaqoud bin Ishaq al-kindi) or what is shortly known as Al-kindi was an Arabic Muslim polymath, philosopher, astronomist, mathematician, physician, and chemist. Described by many as the father of Arabic philosophy, he is arguably the father of modern perfumery. A little research will tell you a great amount of information about this amazing personality and his contribution to the world of science and to the modern world of perfumery which is our main subject of study.


Al-kindi was an expert in distillation and mixing and understanding different botanical materials, in his book "Kitab Kimiya' al-'Itr" (Book of the Chemistry of Perfume) he described the making of different senses and perfumes such as musk (indifferent varieties and kinds), Amber (indifferent varieties and kinds) with others such as saffron, rose and frankincense. But one important section in his book is specifically dedicated to the making of (Al gawali) The plural of (Al-Galiyah). Which describes a perfume that is made with very rare and expensive materials in a very specific way making it superior to the other kinds of perfumes.


In his book, he mentioned different recipes and ways to make those galiya's One in a specific which he described as (Superior) and it was believed that this was the one that was used by the (Abasy khalifa) as the Royal scent of the khalifa and the most superior scent at that time.. this is specific scent was made from the mix of three basic materials, Tibetan deer Musk, extra dry white ambergris, and the oil of the green frankincense. Indifferent proportions in a specific way that made this sense not only extremely powerful and lasting but very lustful and extremely recognizable and rememberable by any person that smells it. Just given the name (Galiyat al gawali) The most precious of the precious ones. 


We made a replication of the original (Galiyat Al-Gawali) by Al-kindi it wasn’t easy or cheap. We had to find an Arabic scholar to translate the actual material from the old Arabic (the scholar's language the book was written in) to new (or currently used terms), then source all the materials to make it exactly the way described, it took us over a year and lots’ and lots’ of materials to get it to the perfect OCD standard that our clients expect from us. Not to brag or anything but we don’t know of any house, maker, or company that attempted this and succeeded. The final elixir is made with rose, musk, and ambergris. Not only all natural and pure but many of the materials we got were organic. I’m not going to go into the details of the making or the materials as some secrets are made to say as secrets and this is one of them, and those who will try it or own it will agree. This is specifically made for our pre-existing clients and we made it in a very small and limited batch needless to say this is the opposite of mass-produced, bulk-sourced designed colognes or perfumes. We did it to give our clients a chance to try it and own a real elixir of significant historical importance


This Perfume is made with100 years 100-year-old mix of different deer Musk, white Ambergris, and first-cut Taifi Rose oil. 


The First Nose


The Cleanest, most aromatic Natural Musk you will ever smell in your life. This is Musky, but not pungent or barnyard, with no fecal or animalistic dark notes. rosey and clear amber. the entire profile of the perfume can easily be categorized and recognized. 


The Second Nose 


The Magic is here, the mix of the aged Musk and the white Ambergris with rose creates something heavenly, and the scent is lingering with a clear leathery and vanilla light note mixed with light cherry and mandarin-like fruity note, with honey, balsam, and coconut like aromatic breeze. 


The Final nose 


Rosy and Musky in a slightly woody profile, contained by not controlled. very wearable anywhere but different from anything else. sniff after sniff keeps opening to a new world of pleasant sensory experiences. This is the ultimate work of Al-Kindy translated in a bottle with a slight modern tweak by oud master Perfumist Ali Attar. 


Seeking to combine the ultimate luxury of ancient with the modern in the highest quality and most exclusive style, look no further than this.