Spice Route

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We have been working on it for almost a year now. It will be available soon! this is an extremely limited batch of 100 bottles each bottle is 50ml.

The depth and complexity of the scent are unmatched by anything else we have produced before. Imagine a Rich spicy Wood with a Sharp aromatic Accord lingering between delicious and exotic leather, amber, and vanilla.

We used the philosophy and understanding of mixing Western and Eastern perfumery in a way that is not only unified, unisex, and united but can be worn day and night in cold and hot weather.

This will be a Parfam that will have around 40% oil (if you are not sure how much is this in comparison it is about 5 to 10 times more fragrance than most designers' perfumes) and more than half of that is natural, the remaining is made from the highest quality materials, mixed and matured in a house in Small limited batches by our master perfumist Mr. Ali Altar. Hand-made, hand-bottled, and hand-packed individually as it has been done for more than 300 years.

This creation evokes the natural sensations of a journey that goes through the old world, specifically in the spice route and all that it encompasses. There is unprecedented richness, depth, memory, and erotic accords that make even the strongest of hearts faint in front of this masterpiece.

The spice route is made with:

Top - bergamot, nutmeg, black pepper.

Middle - coriander, lavender, cedarwood, cashmere wood, Orris butter, vetiver, Chinese wood

Base - leather, amber, musk, Tonka bean, vanilla