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KGB Swallows Perfume original Recipe, Male kryptonite

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First, to understand the way this is being made and formulated we have to look at the reason why it was created. The history of sexual seduction is long and probably as old as the history of humanity itself. The use of the basic instinctive needs and sexual drives in state affairs and intelligence was mainly established and developed in the Middle Ages when kings and queens used the court and their influence to attract alliances and extract information and intelligence, The Egyptians and the Babylonians may be the first who done it and seen it as it an effective method to be implemented in war or the state but it wasn't them who made it into an essential part of the government information and intelligence systems. The actual development of this use by specifically using and training spies, to be effective, and powerful pawns on the board of intelligence to serve governments and politics was only started lately. A short research and history of "sexpionage" is required to understand its use and background. These departments have specifically dedicated scientists to research everything from the psychology of need to the basic male-female biology and sexuality, to provide the ultimate tools and knowledge to the individuals whose job is to approach, attract, and extract information from adversaries through sexual and psychological seduction and control. 


The scientists of the KGB, after long research and study of different materials and substances and their effects on our minds and psychology, came up with a mix that female spies, or what is known as (sparrows/swallows) used to attract their male victims. This material was so effective and powerful that it is stated in the documentaries and the later published research that the male targets were "totally defenseless to this method" and were almost immediately attracted in a powerful and self-hypnotic way to the females wearing his mixture, this mixture eventually called the "KGB sex scent" and for many years it was one of the most well-kept and deadly secrets. The mixture was made from a base of verbena, lovage, and rue. The detailed research published a few years ago stated that other oils were mixed with it such as (tuberose and Jasmin and rosa) to make a light sweet scent that has a powerful effect on the man’s mind that almost generates immediate sexual attraction and submission to the female wearing this scent.


It is believed that this scent was a very effective and powerful weapon in the hands (or bodies) of the swallows and it was used to affect and seduce many powerful and important politicians in that era, who knows what improvements or additions have been added to reformulated from this original recipe with the scientific advancement and the ability to replicate specific Human pheromones. Have you ever smelled someone and just thought this is irresistible? Proceed with caution! this one is powerful. 


The First nose 

Vivid, clean herbal, with slight muskiness and clear notes of rose and tuberose.


The Second nose 

Rue and vanilla light with sweet and sour Amber and Hints of leather.


The Final nose 

Clean and aromatic dry down with slight spices closing and vivid rose and jasmin.