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The House of the Perfumist was presented multiple times on many international magazines and received a global recognition as the most exclusive perfume house in the world. Here are some honorable mentions

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The Perfumist

Our Legacy

The job of a Perfumist or a perfume maker in Arabic is called “Attar.” it's considered one of the oldest, hardest, and most respectable jobs. In fact, the first documented perfume made in history was in the Middle East, where the art of perfume making was refined by Arabs and Persians. Islamic culture was the main reason for the development of Western perfumery: the French took the steam distillation process from the Arabs and the world of perfumery in the West was born, with its creation indebted to two Arabic men forever: Al-Kindi, and Jābir ibn Hayyān. We belong to that school, we are not just perfume makers and collectors but we are connoisseurs and purists in one of the oldest and most sophisticated arts in the world, perfumery.


“In my 20 years of perfumery, I never come across such an olfactory experience”

Shaikh Ahmed - Kuwait

“Never been a fan of Arabic oil perfumes, until I met the Perfumist!”

Pascal Jean-Pierre - France

“arrogant, obsessed, and judgmental, I would be too if I made the perfumes they made”  

William G. – England

"liquid smoke in a jungle full of deer and aged oud trees"

A. K. James - USA

"I love your oils and your quality"

Sheikh Ali - Qatar

The Perfumist


I like to personally welcome you and thank you for visiting our site. There are many perfume companies and makers yet you are here. This is a great honor and pleasure to us.
Congratulations on being interested in the true passion of perfumery something between art and sciences yet more mystical and magical than both.
I invite you to explore a new exotic world of perfumes, something that has not been changed by time, corrupted by greed, or controlled by large corporations, a family owned perfume house that kept its legacy for over three centuries as the most exclusive perfume house in the world.

Ali Al-Attar – The Perfumist

the perfumist - the perfumist - the most exclusive perfume house in the world

One In The World

A perfume that has never been made in the world nor it will ever be made again, we will make it just for you!