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The wait is finally over! This is Ancient Alchemy

Ancient Alchemy is made with

Top notes of almonds, honey, and tobacco. It carries

Heart notes of strawberry, cherry, cinnamon, heliotrope, coconut, brown sugar, and a strong

Base note of guaiac wood, benzoin, vanilla, Peru Balsam, and musk. All of these are working in magnificent harmony in this amazing elixir of scent.







Kinam / Kyara oil

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The Most Exclusive Perfume House in the World

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As the House of the Perfumist brand continues to grow, so have the number of our global partnerships and magazine features. Below we share with you some of our most notable press mentions.

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The Perfumist

Our Legacy

Our company’s journey traces its origins to the Islamic golden era where perfume was the ultimate expression of the inner soul and mystical power. In an era where the art of perfumery was a dying art in the rest of the world, it flourished in the rich fertile lands of the Middle East. Our work traces its origins to the innovation of Arabs and Persians who heavily influenced European and Western perfumery. Islamic culture developed the steam distillation techniques that became the foundations of French perfumery and are the same methods we use in our craft.

Our perfume philosophy comes from the schools of Al- Kindi and Jabir Bin Hayyan, geniuses who harnessed the transformative power of pure scents. Perfume houses globally still seek their creations today to unlock the secrets of their technique. Our perfumes are blended using these secret techniques, which were passed on only by word of mouth, from one master teacher to his student. Our blends are the rebirth of the mystical perfumes from times long past, when men like Alexander the Great and Saladin waged wars to possess the transformative power of the world’s greatest scents.

As “Attars”, the Arabic expression for perfume makers, we consider it the greatest honor to shape the beauty of natural oils into art you can wear and a piece of history you can own. Perfume in many cultures is believed to be a gateway to paradise and an homage to the divine. Our promise to you is a product 100% free from synthetic ingredients to harness the ultimate power of the oils. Our perfume atelier is one of the few luxury perfume brands on the market today not compromising on the purity of the raw materials or the time it takes to produce a distillation by hand.

Our high potency blends naturally lift the mood and transform accordingly upon contact with your skin becoming an extension of your inner power. Scent is our greatest most potent form of time travel, like an arrow, it tears through the layers and finds the center. We are connoisseurs and purists in one of the oldest and most sophisticated arts in the world, perfumery. The proof is in the bottle, nature’s most perfect substances harnessed and waiting to be worn by you.


“In my 20 years of perfumery, I never come across such an olfactory experience”


Shaikh Ahmed - Kuwait

“Never been a fan of Arabic oil perfumes, until I met the Perfumist!”


Pascal Jean-Pierre - France

“arrogant, obsessed, and judgmental, I would be too if I made the perfumes they made”  


William G. – England

"liquid smoke in a jungle full of deer and aged oud trees"


A. K. James - USA

"I love your oils and your quality"


Sheikh Ali - Qatar

The Perfumist

Warmest Welcome

Greetings and welcome to the world of my work which expresses a lifetime of love for perfumery and the legacy of my ancestors. In Middle Eastern culture, perfume has been the ultimate signature of self-expression for hundreds of years. Our atelier was founded in the quest to create the perfect scent for kings and rulers. Along the journey we have perfected our craft and cultivated a deep respect for the power of scents. Each bottle of perfume we produce is a piece of our legacy and tells the vibrant story of our people. The current collection is inspired by our history and my childhood in the Middle East, where the sweet scent of jasmine and rose would fill the air at gardens overlooking the starred desert nights and magic felt real.

From our family to yours,
Ali Al-Attar – The Perfumist

the perfumist - the perfumist - the most exclusive perfume house in the world

One of a Kind

A perfume that has never been made in the world nor it will ever be made again, we will make it just for you!