How do I know that your oils are authentic?

An expert perfumist/nose would know the difference between an authentic oil and a synthetically manufactured one immediately. One easy way to know is that synthetic oils usually give you a headache in a matter of seconds, real natural oils rarely do that. The vibration of the oil feels very different; natural oils give you this little feeling in the back nasal, like the feeling of taking a big spoon of honey (it hit). It kind of scratches something or touches your olfactory sense in a powerful way that you can feel it. On the other hand, fake or synthetic oils are blunt and you don’t get that feeling from them, they may smell nice in the beginning but it won’t have the depth and the different rows of notes and tones.

Because not everyone is an expert or trained enough to know a real natural pure oil, we give our guarantee of triple whatever you paid back if verified by a lab test that there is a single drop of synthetic perfume material or oil in any of our products.


How long will one 1 gr. bottle last?

Each swipe or touch of oil is approximately one hundredth of a gram. So technically, if used every day by applying three swipes (which is more than enough), your 1 gr. oil bottle will last you about one month.

But honestly, who would wear one oil every single day for a whole month? So even if you wear it between every two or three days, it will last you at least 3 months. From our personal experience and the feedback of our clients, if you use the oils occasionally or maybe once a week it will last you between 6 months to a year and that’s for one gram of oil. Keep in mind this is 100% natural pure oil and it will last for a minimum of 5 to 8 hours on your skin and triple that time on your clothing so you don’t really need to “swim” in it like you usually do with the diluted alcoholic perfumes.


Will my oil expire or go out of date?

Because of the quality of the oils we make and it being all 100% natural, your oil will never expire, or get weaker in smell or silage. Actually, if kept unused in the bottle, your oil will only get better, stronger and higher in value ‒ the older the oil, the more prized and appreciated for its mature smell, and usually that will translate to a longer and better projection and consequently higher price.

As for synthetic oils, it’s the opposite simply because most of those oils have synthetic material and petrochemicals in them and almost all those materials have a shelf life of usually 2 to 3 years. That’s why when you save your alcohol perfume or spray and come to try it a few years later you will notice that its almost another smell. This not only makes the compositions of the alcohol perfume break down and get less pleasant and weaker in projection or silage, it will also mean that you are using synthetic materials that are expired and maybe unsafe to use on your skin. Since most people apply perfume on their skin and especially parts of the neck and the face, this can be dangerous. Believe us, with a little research you will find out how many people had issues and problems as a result of this and how many legal cases have been filed because of this matter. If you have any questions about oils or their age and aging process, feel free to contact us anytime. Please feel free to subscribe to our email list so you can stay updated with all the new articles, information and details about our work and oils.


Is it true that some people collect rare perfume oils in place of other items and is it something strictly out of the love of those oils or is there a business aspect to this habit?

Let me say this clearly; no material in the world that you can regularly buy for the market will increase in value like a well-made natural perfume oil. Think about it, a good oud oil or sandalwood will triple in value after just a few years. Not only that but the demand will increase, you don’t have to believe us, simply read the facts about some of the most expensive perfumes sold in the last few years, many in astronomical numbers, like the natural creations of Annick Goutal, Chanel and Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes. Additionally, many other respectful small companies that distill and make limited oud and other oils will simply offer you to buy their own oils that they made a few years ago for double the price. This is simply because of the nature of supply and demand and the fact that most of the raw material that we have right now to make those oils with are on the edge of extinction or running very low so that they’re considered endangered. Many governments and organizations are making very strict rules to limit and control the trade of those materials; Oud, Ambergris, and Musk are on the top of the list.


How is natural oil perfume different from the regular perfume I buy from the mall?

All our oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural, top quality, from the rarest and best materials in the world. While alcohol synthetic perfumes are generally 95% or more synthetic material, diluted, and may contain poisonous materials. These are the facts, but the real difference is the experience and the power that you will feel when wearing one of our oils.  Feel free to add your email to our list so you can stay updated with the top articles, info and tips about the best, purest, and most luxurious perfumes in the world


What is your return policy?

We make this very straight-forward and simple - due to covid-19 pandemic and the safety rules and conditions related to it and the fact that oils are personal items, used/applied directly on the skin, for hygienic and safety reasons we are unable to accept any return or exchange for any package that is opened. Oils are something personal and they involve direct contact with the person and their skin thus we can’t resell or offer a used oil. Additionally, we take very high care of our oils and the process of keeping them clean and unpolluted; we can’t guarantee that if the oils are not in our direct possession. I mean how would you feel if you paid a premium price for a top-quality oil, but you received it opened, used, or even mixed or polluted with other materials?

That’s why since we offer the highest quality products and the highest quality service we can’t offer to sell anything that is not 100% pure and original.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.


Do you offer training or courses for perfumery and natural perfume making?


Currently we don’t, but we are seriously thinking about it, and if we do we will let you know - please add your email to our contact list, so we can stay in touch.


I'm concerned regarding the ethical, legal, or compliance aspect of some of your oils such as the Ambergris, Sandalwood, Oud, Rose, Etc.. 


All Oud oils, products, and materials are ethically, and legally sourced, we follow and abide by the rules and regulations not on in the country or location we are in but in the countries and locations, we source from, sell for, and ship to. 


I’m concerned with the Endangered Species Act of 1973 which bans possession of ambergris.

The rule does not apply to substance that already has been processed and made into oil it applied to raw ambergris that is driven or taken from hunted whales, which we are against and don't support, and advise against.

Also, this Ambergris was made about a 100 years ago before any of the bodies or entities that are regulating it existed.

The rule also doesn't apply on the finder’s item, such as when people on the shore find floating ambergris. Since all the ambergris we use in our oil was ethically collected from fishermen in the shore no animal was ever killed harmed or endangered sourcing any of our materials including and not limited to ambergris.

Do you (The Perfumist) use drop shipping, third parties processing, fulfillment services, etc.. 


No, no and no we don't. We pride ourselves as the Most Exclusive Perfume house in the world. Everything we do from sourcing, distillation, mixing, bottling, labeling, content publishing, and fulfilment is done in house fully and completely.


I want to know more about natural perfumery and rare oils!

You are more than welcome to contact us and we would love to hear from you. You can Contact us, or call us with any questions or inquiries. We do this because we love it and we would love to tell others about it.