Divine Intervention

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Unlike other companies that focus on crafting fragrances aimed at attracting others "clubs and bars juice" or for social occasions, this exquisite perfume (divine intervention) was conceived with a deeper intention. Drawing upon profound knowledge, dedication, and wisdom, we have created an elixir that transcends the ordinary, aiming to elevate the spirit and awaken cherished memories.

Just as priests and monks thousands of years ago used incense and scent to commune with the divine, this perfume is crafted with unparalleled dedication and meticulous attention to detail and quality. From the careful sourcing of the finest raw materials to the extended maturation process, every aspect is handled with obsessive precision.

Produced in an extremely limited batch of only 50 bottles, exclusively within the house of The perfumist, this elixir offers a sublime connection to our higher selves. It is not merely a scent but an experience and a memory, designed to elevate and inspire. Those who tries it or own it will have an olfactory experience that mathematically would be near Im-possible or to be accurate around .000,000,000,01 (that's ten zeros) 

The first limited batch will be 50 bottles only


Top - Turkish rose, prune, red berry

Middle - Bulgarian rose, cognac, saffron, coco absolute

Base - leather, benzoin, oud, patchouli, myrrh, musk

More than half of the oil used in "Divine Intervention" is natural-based the Coco, Benzoin, Turkish Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, Patchouli, and the Oud are all natural. 

With double distillation and extra maturation, we took the colors away to make it clothes safe! 

It took 2 meticulous years to create this masterpiece. No expense was spared, no effort was shortened in making this one. 

Don't look for it anywhere else, it's offered strictly and exclusively by the house of The Perfumist..