About Us

After over 300 years of making perfumes and colognes strictly and privately for kings and royalties in the Middle East, we decided to offer our work to the public. Everything we offer is 100% limited, natural, and extremely rare. We have been working, designing and making perfumes and colognes, from father to son, for over three centuries.

The job of a Perfumist or a perfume maker in Arabic is called “Attar.” it's considered one of the oldest, hardest, and most respectable jobs.In fact, the first documented perfume made in history was in the Middle East, where the art of perfume making was refined by Arabs and Persians. Islamic culture was the main reason for the development of Western perfumery: the French took the steam distillation process from the Arabs and the world of perfumery in the West was born, with its creation indebted to two Arabic men forever: Al-Kindi, and Jābir ibn Hayyān. We belong to that school, we are not just perfume makers and collectors but we are connoisseurs and purists in one of the oldest and most sophisticated arts in the world, perfumery.

The Five pillars of The Perfumist


Our perfume house was established in Istanbul turkey more than three centuries ago in 1700’s by the great grandfather of Mr. Ali (the current master perfumist and owner of the house). We are considered by many experts and historians as the oldest existing family owned perfume house in the world, with an official documented letter from Sultan Mehmed V (the 35th sultan of the Ottoman Empire) in the 1900’s.


The master perfumists of our house over the last 300 years have mixed, distilled, and made over ten thousand different kinds of perfume oil from all around the world, the majority of those oils are now considered officially extinct.


Our perfumist house has created some of the most extravagant, exotic, and expensive perfume distillations ever attempted in history. With sultans, kings, and presidents sponsoring and supporting the ultimate pursuit for the very best perfume we spared no expense in making and distilling some of the rarest oils in the world.  


From the 1700’s until 2018 we have been making and selling perfumes strictly and exclusively for a very limited clientele based on special requests and fully bespoke creation; on 08/08/2018 we started offering our work and perfumes to the public and on the very first day of our launch, we fully sold out on 7 out of the 15 different kinds of oils that we carried (half of our inventory).


We try to make this very short and simple. We have 3 promises that we have carried with us throughout the centuries.


1- 100% natural, pure, artesian.

2- 100% cruelty free, ethical, eco-friendly.

3- 100% exclusive, limited, top quality.


Some of our honorable clients:

1- Sultan Abdülhamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

2- Sultan Mehmed V, the 35th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

3- Sultan Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

4- King Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca.

5- King Faisal bin Al Hussein, King of Syria.

6- Ahmad Shāh Qājār, the last Qajar King.

7- Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq.

8- Sheikh Hamad Al Thani

Additionally, we have bespoke perfumes for over 100 international public figure including leaders, royalties and celebrities.


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