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BAHIR - Eternally Ascending / Ancient Incense

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Immersed within the intricate tapestry of perfumery and incense artistry, the likes of our audacious endeavor could be enumerated by a handful of instances throughout history. Our motive does not lie in the pursuit of profit, publicity, or asserting our distinctiveness within the industry. Instead, we are guided by the essence of our passion; an art, science, wisdom, and dedication cultivated through six generations of Perfumists over 300 years. This endeavor is our most eloquent expression to those who harbor the deepest appreciation for our craft.


As a cherished devotee of The Perfumist, we unveil one of the most extraordinary incense to grace history. We understand that a claim so bold necessitates evidence of equivalent gravitas. Hence, we have meticulously documented the final stages of blending, offering an intimate view into our labor of love.


In times past, possessing this incense signified wealth, power, and prestige. Believed to elevate the mind, thoughts, and spirit, it suffuses the surroundings with positivity. The importance of incense transcends time, remaining integral to daily rituals across cultures – known as 'Tateer' in Arabic, 'Kudo' in Japanese, and carrying other reverent monikers in Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian traditions.


Our journey began with a careful selection of scents and profiles, guided by ancient historic and religious scriptures spanning the globe. Procured from the most fertile regions, each aromatic ingredient was harvested at its prime, offering an unmatched aroma intensity. The effort invested in meticulously evaluating and selecting the most superior materials from the finest batches underscores our commitment to unparalleled quality.


The exquisite blend was achieved through intricate layering, a process available for you to witness in our expedited video. Over 30 minutes of final mixing were condensed into a mere 3-minute glimpse into what it takes to create the world's finest incense.


The timeline of this passion project is as follows:

- A month dedicated to planning and research.

- 3 months of meticulous sourcing and harvesting.

- Another month was allocated for testing and blending.

- A final month for maturation.


In total, an investment of 6 months, with over 50 hand-selected materials sourced from over 30 countries across 5 continents, graces this exclusive creation.


Crafted by our master perfumist Mr. Ali Attar, this incense comprises 100% pure, food-grade natural materials, with 90% being wild organic. The world has been bestowed with a mere 10 kilos, available in 1 oz orders - limited to 350 for the world.


How much to use? Begin with just one gram and adjust according to your need and setting.


How to use it? opt for burning it on charcoal, an electric burner, or Mica plates, depending on your style and preference. We recommend starting with a modest quantity, burning slowly to avoid overheating, and adjusting to achieve the perfect aroma.


The Profile:


Upon the initial burn (the first few seconds), be welcomed by the comforting notes of coffee and chocolate, underscored by rich resinous undertones. Edible sweet notes dance with the delicate fragrance of rose, culminating with a vivid streak of benzoin.


Transitioning into the mid-phase (after a few minutes), a woody depth unveils itself, reminiscent of aromatic jungle wood, subtly musky and herbal, sweetened by the background spice of cinnamon and a delicate layer of leather and tonka.


During the final stages (the last 3 minutes), anticipate an ancient temple-like wood aroma, enriched with clove, saffron, and patchouli. The prominent scent of herbal spices and leaves envelops you, veiled in a cloud of sandalwood.

No other house, company, or maker can match the value we offer given the work, time, and cost that went into crafting this masterwork. It is more than an offering; it is a cherished gift from the past, a token of gratitude and love for your unwavering support. It is proof that the enchanting, ancient arts of perfumery are not only alive but thriving, held safely in the hands of The Perfumist. We invite you to partake in this extraordinary journey, to experience the result of our time-honored tradition, and to make this unparalleled incense a part of your story, as it has been a part of ours.

Strictly and exclusively from the house of the Perfumist.