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Chinese Hainan Ký-nam or Kinam / Kyara

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Chinese Hainan Ký-nam or Kinam / Kyara

Dive into an exquisite world of olfaction where rarity meets sanctity, and aroma intertwines with heritage. Welcome to our world of Kinam - an incense that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, spiraling into the realm of the extraordinary. Infinitely rarer than uranium and Iridium, Kinam unfolds its splendor in a myriad of olfactory tales, each more enchanting than the last.


Hailing from the heart of Vietnam and graciously offered as an invaluable tribute to the imperial court of Beijing, Kinam finds its origins steeped in royalty. Its sublime fragrance was once the exclusive privilege of emperors and their families, its exalted presence permeating through the hallowed corridors of power. Acknowledged as one of the most esteemed materials in traditional Chinese medicine, Kinam bestows over a hundred blessings, invigorating both heart and mind while lending its power as an efficacious aphrodisiac. This splendid material has historically been deemed more precious than gold, and more sought-after than diamonds.


Steeped in spirituality, Kinam carries profound cultural and spiritual significance. Ancient Chinese teachings proclaim that one needs the merit of five virtuous lifetimes to truly appreciate the olfactory marvel that is Kinam. From Samurai warriors seeking good fortune and protection to Buddhist monks revering it as sacred, Kinam weaves through countless traditions, marking its revered spot in special ceremonies and occasions.


Kinam is no mere incense; it is a multisensory experience, transcending description. Its ethereal aroma must be experienced firsthand to truly understand the layers of its complexity. The majesty of Kinam is further expressed through its diverse grades and hues - white, green, yellow, and black - each echoing a distinct scent profile, reflecting the smoke and fragrance rather than merely the wood's aesthetics. Incense connoisseurs devote lifetimes to this art, Kinam being the crowning jewel in their olfactory pursuits. The privilege of experiencing Kinam is often exclusive, its rare nature sometimes requiring special invitations to even witness it. Indeed, one piece found its way to an astronomical price tag of over a million dollars in a recent Hong Kong auction.


We bring you this elusive treasure directly from the source, bypassing the typical supply chain to keep its price within reach without compromising on quality. Offering both Kinam powder and bead remnants, we ensure that each form is of the highest quality, aromatic, and oil-rich. Procured from the lush jungles of Hainan and small Farms in China, our Kinam is 100% Chinese, grown in naturally simulating environments for discerning private clients and Japanese companies specializing in high-end Kinam wood and jewelry.


Your faith in us is rewarded with rigorous lab tests, conducted in a leading US lab, ensuring every piece of Kinam you receive is certified and authentic. We guide you in understanding these lab tests, simplifying the results for transparency. We also guarantee a fair price, with a direct supply chain from the farm to you. And while you may find varying prices in the market, remember - the value of Kinam never depreciates, never goes on sale. We stand by our promise - you won't find this quality, this authenticity, at this price anywhere else.


Why do we offer such affordability for such a gem? It's simple. We are passionate about sharing the beauty of Kinam with the world, and building a legacy of premium quality and accessibility. Instead of offering it to a select few, we prefer to let a hundred people try it, and we believe most will fall in love with its heavenly scent, returning to experience its magic again.


With Kinam, you are not just buying incense; you are exploring a world of fragrance that echoes through centuries, encapsulating history, culture, spirituality, and luxury. This is your chance to experience the legend of Kinam without breaking the Bank. The allure is undeniable. Are you ready to journey into the ethereal realm of Kinam?

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