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Royal Green Hojari frankincense incense / Organic handpicked / Superior

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Discover the Ultimate in Frankincense: The Regal Green Hojari 

The House of The Perfumist once again asserts its dedication to excellence, presenting a world-class frankincense that challenges the benchmarks of quality and affordability.

Our Royal Green Hojari Frankincense is not merely superior; it is the epitome of the finest incense, reserved for the top echelon of connoisseurs. Harvested from the most venerable trees, it represents the rarest 10% of all frankincense, a treasure coveted across civilizations for over 5,000 years. Recognized as a gift fit for monarchs and esteemed in religious texts, it holds a special place in the cultural heritage of humanity.

We journeyed directly to the Dhofar region in Oman, leveraging our profound expertise and collaborating with local specialists to meticulously select and harvest this precious resin. Our hands-on approach bypasses intermediaries, ensuring you receive the highest quality at an unmatched price.

Frankincense’s rich aroma and diverse uses have captivated people for millennia — from spiritual and medicinal applications to personal enjoyment. It's an ageless treasure that requires no special storage and is adaptable in its uses, whether as a purifying incense, a natural cleanser, an ingredient in traditional remedies, or a timeless beauty secret.

Experience its exquisite fragrance: a complex blend of bright, citrusy notes grounded by earthy undertones, enriched by high concentrations of α-Pinene and a symphony of other aromatic compounds.

Here’s what makes our Royal Green Hojari unparalleled:
1. It's the crème de la crème of frankincense, hand-sourced by us.
2. Directly collected from the finest trees in Oman's Dhofar region.
3. Sourced from organic, renewable trees, with a commitment to environmental stewardship.
4. Our price challenge: find it cheaper elsewhere, and we’ll not only match but beat the price.
5. Our mission transcends commerce; we aim to spotlight the irreplaceable value of natural perfumery ingredients and uphold sustainable practices by working directly with local harvesters.

A mere 2 grams can infuse a large room with its mesmerizing scent, and a single purchase can provide you with a year’s worth of extraordinary aromatic experiences. When compared to synthetic alternatives, the authentic, 100% natural essence of our Frankincense stands unrivaled.

Seize this rare opportunity now, as quantities are exceptionally limited and demand is soaring.

Please note, that our dedication to tradition and excellence extends to our fulfillment process. Every order is individually bottled, packaged, and signed by our master perfumist, mirroring the meticulous handcrafting methods of centuries past. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience, allowing us 7 to 14 working days to prepare your order. For expedited service, please contact us before placing your order.