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Japanese Blue Lotus - Extremely Limited Batch

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Pure Japanese blue lotus oil.

No lotus is more valuable or of higher quality than the Japanese lotus, an extremely rare and expensive flower that is considered by many as legendary and sacred. The magic and significance of the lotus flower are unlike anything else; I am a little biased toward it (species-wise)—I shouldn't be, but after reading and studying the history and nature of botanicas, I can give you some reasons.

Lotus plants have inhabited the earth for about 100 million years. Many believe that they contain ancient memories of our planet. There is no question that the lotus is one of the most sacred flowers in the world. The appearance of the stable and supple stems growing towards heaven gives us the courage to live positively—an eternal lesson vividly present before our eyes.

The life of the Japanese lotus flower is very short—just four days. Because of their fragile nature, it is nearly impossible for them to bloom from cut flower buds, so they are rarely sold in flower shops. It's not for commercial use; it's for the meditative spirit to enjoy in the vast blinks of existence.

Lotus leaves are equipped with a self-cleaning and purifying function called the lotus effect. Due to the microscopic structure of the leaf, water does not stick to it; instead, it beads up and easily rolls off the plant, picking up any dirt particles along the way. Lotus flower seeds for gardens were discovered about 50 years ago at an underground construction site. During excavation, they uncovered lotus seeds that had been in the ground for nearly 3,000 years. Sometime after they were found, they suddenly bloomed—a miraculous true story proving the amazing vitality of lotus seeds. It represents the pure soul and spirit, the essence beyond.

This oil was steam-distilled in Japan from 100% pure Japanese lotus. The total amount of the entire batch is half a liter. Needless to say, this is an extremely limited batch—a statement we made to allow others to experience and smell this elixir.

Due to the quality and purity of this oil, it is very light and clean. This is not a beast of projection, a hero of sillage, or a champion of longevity. It's a very personal, vibrant, and pure scent that can definitely be worn and enjoyed on many occasions and in various places. However, it's not something you use or wear for others to smell and compliment you—it's very subtle, close to the skin, and delicate. Many may not even notice it, but those who do will find it magnificent and magical, truly something completely different from what is being made and distilled worldwide today.

The Notes:

  • Opening: Clean, sharp rose with hints of vetiver and ylang, crisp aromatic cedar with green tea and cherry blossom.
  • Heart: Vibrant rose-like sharpness with hints of dark herbal notes and slight jasmine.
  • Finish: Complexity of warm, green wood reminiscent of palm, herbal tea, and aromatic white rose.