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Silk Road - The Impossible Challenge

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A few moons back, our cozy office welcomed a well-known figure in the realm of perfumery—a renowned master perfumist. His visit was not just a social call; it was a moment that would steer our journey in unforeseen directions. Amidst exchanging pleasantries, he appraised our endeavors and admired our creations, while sampling oud oils and elixirs he discerned a perceived limitation: our adherence to a particular fragrance genre and not being able to work on the global scale. Disagreement ripened into a debate as we countered, asserting our boundless creativity, and all art, creation, and beauty comes from the mind, or the heart if you would!

In a twist of fate, he issued a challenge, a Herculean task that seemed insurmountable to many—a challenge only a maestro of his caliber could propose. This luminary, versed in the arcane arts of distillation and infusion, dared us to transcend boundaries, to craft a scent that would redefine excellence. With trepidation and determination, we accepted.


For half a year, our master perfumist, Mr. Ali Attar, immersed himself in this singular pursuit. Days blurred into nights as he meticulously blended essences, navigating moments of elation and frustration. His unwavering dedication bespoke a refusal to yield to obstacles, in those few months he traveled to a few countries solely for this challenge.


And then, the pivotal moment arrived. Gathered in anticipation, we were privy to a revelation—a fragrance that defied description, an olfactory symphony beyond compare. It wasn’t merely a scent; it was an experience—an invitation to explore realms unseen, to savor the ineffable.


The challenge set before us was formidable:


  1. Surpass the reigning titan of perfumery.


  1. Craft an exclusive masterpiece, immune to mass production.


  1. Source only the finest, most pristine ingredients.


  1. Elevate the art through double distillation and meticulous aging.


  1. Maintain accessibility without compromising quality.


  1. Eschew clichés yet evoke delight and freshness.


  1. Embrace inclusivity while preserving exclusivity.


  1. Embrace tradition—handcraft every facet of the process.


  1. Elevate concentration and purity, shunning artificial hues.


  1. Balance potency with subtlety, ensuring harmony.


  1. Design a fragrance for every moment, every soul.


In a technical simple language means:


1.     Create something that can compete with and beat the top-selling perfume in the world.


2.     Make it more exclusive, unique, and original, not possible to be mass-produced so you are never accused of lowering your quality or being greedy!



3.     Make it extremely high quality, with at least half the oil from pure natural sources. Don't use second options on materials; everything has to be the top option. Source everything yourself; third parties are not to be trusted!


4.     Make it double distilled and ultra-matured in three phases so that even the latest technology can't replicate it or duplicate it, making it impossible to accurately replicate.



5.     Make it subjectively affordable, not priced at more than $300 a bottle. Don’t be the "I’m the most expensive guy in the block" type; nobody likes him!


6.     Don't make it smell like pineapple but make it delicious and edible. Don't make it another aquatic scent but make it fresh and clean. Don't make it boring; make it acceptable and familiar.



7.     Make it very exclusive and limited so that not every guy or girl outside is wearing it, and ensure it's unisex and can be equally enjoyed by anyone. Compliments on all sides!


8.     Take away all the machine work; make it fully by hand from A to Z, including distillation, mixing, maturation, bottling, and labeling.



9.     Make it parfum-based with no less than 40% concentration and remove all colors so it's safe to wear on clothes.


10.  Make it a beast in Sillage and projection but ensure it doesn't give a headache or make my pets run away!



11.  Make it suitable for day and night, hot or cold weather, anywhere and any occasion, with no restrictions.



Thus, was born Silk Road—a testament to innovation, perseverance, and the boundless spirit of creation.


Silk Road pays tribute to the ancient perfumers of the Silk Road, the Chinese, the Indians, the Persians, the Turks, and the Arabs who without them we would not have the beautiful and magical art of perfumery.


Silk Road is more of a journey than just a perfume; this journey will take you through 


Top - green apple, pear, cassis, pineapple


Middle - caraway, lavender, bergamot, geranium, coriander, water lily.


Base - patchouli, Amberwood, cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, vanilla.


The first batch is limited to 50 bottles worldwide. 

Limited to one order per client, limited to 50ml bottles each.