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Superior wild Hainan agarwood “Shu Xin Yu” display Quality

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Superior wild Hainan agarwood “Shu Xin Yu” is considered by many as one of the most sought-after and rare woods in the world after Kinam/Kyara. For a fraction of the price and the possibility to get it without registering for a private auction with a dedicated bank account, it’s not a brainer that this is one of the ultimate collector's pieces. The name “Shu Xin Yu” means old fat. The wood comes from the deep mountains it’s not unique in its scent and smell but it’s the recommended kind that is usually used in traditional Chinese medicine because it contains the highest amount and concentration of natural agarwood oil. Pieces that are larger than this will fetch astronomical prices in private auctions. The fact that we can offer this piece of this quality and price won’t happen again.

The truth is those pieces are multiplying in price by the year, not only because of the increasing demand but also the consistently decreasing supply which is generating a vacuum effect that is not preventing collectors, Fung Shui practitioners, and wealthy businessmen from paying outrageous prices for those treasures.

Given the fact that one gram of this wood is enough to fill large rooms and the aroma is strong enough to stay for days the amount for most people for occasional use will last a lifetime.

The weight of this piece is 25 grams.