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Pumpkin spice for Christmas 2022 extremely limited batch

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Every Christmas and new year we make a special oil to celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

This year is no different, but the oil is, distilled from 100% natural materials this oil is very gourmand, sweet, and clean. Containing and combining the main notes of the holidays, it is something so special and unique that you would keep and save for years to come.

The oil's main body is pumpkin spice layered with Taifi rose, with sweet bits of candy and cookies through an elaborate mix of vanilla and herbal spices, it wouldn’t be complete without cinnamon so the natural Ceylon cinnamon oil is there to complete a feast and night that will carry its beauty and memories with you, it’s not only to celebrate this year but to invite the new one with the best a person can do, love, dedication, quality and a natural limited Attar that smells amazing.

This oil is an extremely limited batch limited to 10 bottles of 3 ML to 10 clients worldwide.

With each order, a very special gift will be attached complimentary of the house, from our family to yours with love and best wishes this is the “Christmas pumpkin spice” by Mr. Ali Attar.