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Oud Rose Musk the three bottles

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Oud, Rose, Musk. The three fundamentals of our work!

 Let's mix the best and sweetest (Malaysian, Indian, and Cambodian) oud oils. Then, let it sit for few months to mature and get all the extra humidity out. This oud is the oud of seduction and the elixir that will make that special night or evening extra special. 

let's make the impossible oud, rose, Musk oil (with Malaysia oud, Indi Rose, and Tonkin Musk)

Then let's use that oud as a base and make the impossible oud, rose, Musk oil (consisting of the oud mix, with Indi, rose, ancient Tonkin musk) to create something that will represent fully and freely the sweetest oud, the spiciest rose, and the most aromatic Musk. For an evening or even a day statement.

Let's use the highest quality rose with the smoothest Tibetan musk (Indi Rose, Taifi Rose, midnight queen, jasmine, and Gardena with Tibetan Musk) to make something light and beautiful for a shining day and morning power presence.

Those three gems will transition from the darkest to the lightest scent profile in a magical way while keeping it all-natural, authentic, extremely limited, and exclusive. Those are three different oils, three different and unique scents, and they come together because this is the only proper way to enjoy them and appreciate them. Those are other oils, and it's not designed to be mixed as it's already made in a perfect way, shape, and form, and there is nothing else that needs to be taken or added to it, so please enjoy them individually.

In your most beautiful and wildest dreams, you have not smelled such an oud, Musk, or rose, or a combination of all.

 No, this is not what the other guys made, and other people bottled then someone else sold and said it's the artisan. This is 100% in House from sourcing to distillation, packing, bottling, and fulfillment. Everything is done in-house, by hand, in tiny and limited batches by one of the world's best natural Perfumist and Attar Maker, the 6th generation master Perfumist Mr. Ali Attar.

This is the Pinnacle of the art itself, wearable and enjoyable in an efficient, modern, and exquisite way. Strictly and exclusively from the House of The Perfumist.

Those who want to get to the art and get to know it better don't miss this!