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MRCO RS - Moroccan flower oil 100% natural organic

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100% natural organic Moroccan flower oil (Made from 100 different kinds of flowers, through steam distillation, from the private collection of African royalty.)

(The total amount of this oil in the world is 50 ML)

Morocco is known to be one of the most magical and beautiful countries in North Africa, what many people don’t know is that Morocco is comprised of 8 different zones and an altitude and latitude that makes it the only county in the world that many exotic flowers from different atmospheres grown in it naturally. This makes Morocco a haven for any perfume maker of olfactory expert especially if that perfumes or oils are comprised mainly of flowers and natural tree extract.

This Oil is made through very old school copper steam distillation by one of the oldest and most famous attars in the county in the region of Souss in 1940’s, so it's over 60 years old. The making of the oil was a wild try to combine and make the most complex and most sophisticated profile of flower perfume oil in the world. As it's well known to make a perfume oil one need a base, top, and middle notes. Not with this one. This oil is merely the tiny exception to a very established rule in perfumery. And we wouldn’t believe the way it was made even though we fully trust the man who made it and his reputation and the man who provide it to us who’s the son of the maker. So, we did our check and research we had 3 independent professional preformists checking this oil to give us an educated opinion about it. and they were shocked it’s so complicated and sophisticated that they pulled over a 40-different kind of flowers from it and then quietly said there is much more, but they are not sure what exactly it is. We even tried to do a full spectrum chemical analysis for the oil with one of the most prominent reformulation labs in the world to try to find out its combinations or remake it. After the initial review we received the “sorry letter” it had too many substances dissolved with each other and with the age of the oil, it’s impossible to know precisely what it is or remake it.  

Our team leader and chief preformist were personally wearing this oil for months. Knowing him well its almost impossible that he wears the same perfume or oil day after the other not to mention for a whole month. We thought there is something wrong and when we asked him, he said he’s finding new notes and profiles deep in the layer of smell in this oil every day, and he can’t stop know. It was addictive. This oil is addictive and trust me when I say you have no idea what I’m talking about until you try it. Enough said let me try to give a detailed profile analysis for this oil.

The profile/ it opens with big intense a little intimidating floral extravaganza, but don’t let it scares you. The very first thought you would get from the oil is “clean” the second is “pure” the third is “lustful.” And I can’t stress enough how lustful this oil smells. I thought it’s just me, but I knew it wasn’t just me when our boss “Ali AL- Attar” had a morning Meeting with everyone in the company and he was wearing this oil in the very slightest way it wasn’t too much or too strong. But it felt like everyone in the room was somewhere else. I thought it’s the morning no coffee effect. But after the meeting, I heard the ladies talking about how good that smell was and how they couldn’t fully concentrate on the meeting because this oil took their imagination somewhere else. And after 30 minutes of talking about this oil and what it reminded them with I had enough, and I told them that they over exaggerate the effect of this. And politely asked my boss not to wear this oil to work again so it won’t be an excuse to make our employees distracted. He laughed and said that the person who gave him this oil said that his father “the maker of this oil” had one intention in mind when he made this 60 years ago and that to make people go in imagination when they smell it.


Extinct – Rarest – Cannot be found anymore. These are the rarest raw materials on the planet, museum quality oils, those oils cannot be found, replicated, or re-generated. There are such very limited amounts that they get sold by the milligram. The people who work and deal with those oils around the world can be counted on one hand. The majority of the time, these oils will be restricted to royalties and billionaires. The lowest age of these oils starts from 50 years old going up to 500 years old. Anyone who holds one of these oils holds an experience that is exclusive to one human being on this planet. Only 0.001 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Very limited – Extremely Rare – Extremely hard to find. These are oils that it’s simply a matter of time, and by that we mean few years, before it goes to the previous category (extinct). These are oils that most probably were a symbol of luxury and opulence throughout the ages and very few privileged people in history had the chance to enjoy them. Only 0.01 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Limited – Rare – Hard to find. This is the lowest of the categories we have but it’s still considered by many as a pinnacle to express class, luxury, and taste in its most aromatic form. These are very limited oils, very hard to make and very few have access to them. Those oils are not extinct, and we really hope they won’t be anytime soon, but they are simply rare because of the raw material they are extracted from, the process and the quality in the making and distillation. Again, these are all 100% natural oils, very concentrated and very powerful, and they will dominate the comparison with any alcohol based perfume or cologne in every single aspect, every single time. By maximum measurement, only 0.1 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Water – Air – Fire – Earth

Flower/fruity – Oud/woody – Musk/animalistic – Ambergris/aromatic

Light: 3 to 5 hours
Middle: 5 to 7 hours
Long: 7 to 10 hours

Intimate: 1 to 3 feet
Personal: 3 to 5 feet
Aggressive: 5 to 10 feet

This oil: Extinct, Air, Flowery/fruity, long, Aggressive

FACT comparison
Manufactured ready bottled Alcohol perfumes and colognes
1- Have about 3% - 10% oil (perfume)
2- In 99%, 3% - 10% of the oil is synthetic NOT natural.
3- Have about 70% - 90% alcohol
4- Have about 5% - 15% water (diluted)
5- More than 90% of the top perfume brand names test on animals.
6- Most of the chemicals in perfumes are not disclosed on the perfume label and most of these chemicals are POISONOUS.
7- Many of the top brand names use materials from countries with unethical sourcing and child labor.

Natural oils (Our oils)
1- 100% pure extracted (therapeutic grade oil)
2- 100% Natural oils, no synthetic chemicals, no additives.
3- 0% (No Alcohol or dissolvent)
4- Full maximum extraction concentration, no water (not diluted)
5- NO animal testing (NO animal is ever killed or harmed in sourcing, making, or selling any of our products).
6- NO poisonous substances, just pure natural oils and if it’s a mix of more than one oil, we will clearly state exactly what it is.
7- We only use experts specialized in this work - farmers, connoisseurs, artists and we pay top dollar for it. We supervise all our work from the source to the sale. we will NEVER use/abuse the poor or needy to make a profit.

Our products:


Our promise:
1- EXCLUSIVITY: you won’t ever meet a person who is wearing your cologne or perfume or anything like it unless he bought it directly from us and it’s the same exact cask (which is extremely unlikely because of the very low and limited quantities we offer).
2- RARITY: most of what we offer and sell (70% or more) is considered officially extinct, semi-extinct and there is no way to get it, make it, or sell it again.
3- QUALITY: you won’t ever wear one of our perfumes and NOT get compliments, no matter who you are, where you are or what you do. We have had people slow down due to wearing our oils because of how much attention and how many compliments they get.
4- VALUE: you pay for the real thing - the perfume, the oil, the juice and nothing extra, we are collectors and enthusiasts so everything we offer is directly from source to the user there is no middle man, no advertisement, no employees and no millions of dollars in overhead.
5- ETHICAL: we do what we do because we love it and enjoy it, and that’s why we only do it the right way. When buying from us you are not only supporting the farmers, the olfactory artists and the nature lovers but you are making a change and a responsible decision against the systematic habit of overpaying for the big brand names and feeding their corporate greed.

1- Even though all our oils and perfumes are natural and safe, DON’T drink, intake or consume any oil or perfume.
2- Even though many people use our perfume oils for aromatherapy and healing, please MAKE SURE you know exactly what you are doing because burning, evaporating, inhaling large amounts of essential oils can cause serious health risks.
3- Just like any other kind of substance or material, if you have an allergy, breathing problems, reactions, or sensitivity to strong perfumes and/or odors, be CAREFUL in using our products and always try very small amounts first.
4- Keep oils, perfumes, and other non-edible substance in a SAFE PLACE and away from children’s reach. Seek medical attention if a child intakes a perfume or non-edible substance.
5- Don’t use on sensitive parts like your eyes or open wounds.