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Kinam - kyara - kynam wood

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Since this word “Kinam/Kyara” has been used and abused so many times by so many people, we can’t and won’t be another house or seller offering something to the people without proof.

For those who know who we are, knows that the house of The Perfumist has taken many steps that no one else took, made many statements that are still echoing in the world of scent. Here is another one as this listing is for 100% genuine white red soil Vietnamese Kinam/Kyara wood, lab tested, certified and authenticated.

The ultimate question is How do you or anyone else know or be 100% sure that this is a real genuine Kinam/Kyara wood?

This exact piece has been lab test, from a major USA lab through a full GC/MS/FID Analysis, you will receive the full lab test with a reference number both documented and authenticated proving that this is a genuine Kinam wood, additionally you will receive a botanist constituent description and reference confirming that this is a genuine Kinam wood, finally you will receive a hand signed certification from the owner and master perfumist of the house that this is a genuine Kinam wood.


Grade: Ky-nam

Spices: Kyara Kanankoh

Country: Vietnam

Province: Khanh Hoa

Region: South Central Coast- Asia

Soil: red

Color: white

Wight: 11.6 grams

Sink ability: non- sinking

Extraction: 5 years or older Kinam wood plantation

Scent profile: 100% Vietnamese Kinam. Kodo Kyara

Documentation: Full GC/MS/FID Analysis, Botanist constituent reference, certificate of authenticity.







1- How do I know that this Lab test is authentic?

-    All lab tests come from a major US lab with a reference number, contacts, and names.

2- How do I know that this lab test is for this exact piece of wood?

-    All lab test is done for the exact item that is presented, so If you take this piece of wood and make another lab test anytime, anywhere in the world you will get the same exact results.

3- How do I read or understand the lab test?

-    The lab test comes will final conclusion and/or results in simple plain English and it will mention that this is “Kyara Kanankoh wood”.

4- How do I understand what the lab test says or what are the materials in It?

-    The lab test will come with a separate botanical reference of the constituents and where they can be found and a simple reference to it.

5- How do I know that those constituents are truly for Kinam?

-    There are many scientific references for that, and you will get it in the botanical report

6- Will this go lower in price, go on sale, depreciate, can I get it cheaper from anywhere else?

-    Kinam wood never goes on sale, never decrease in price, never depreciate and we guarantee that you won’t find this kind of wood in this quality, authentic and lab tested for this price.

7- Why you are doing this, selling it so cheap while others are selling for a multiplication of the price?

-    First, because we are making a statement and legacy here more than it is just profit, second because we can afford to do this, third because we are only offering very few pieces of it, finally because we want more people to be able to experience it and appreciate it.