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Japanese Green Kinam Oil - Extremely Limited Batch 15 Vials only

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From the private vault, an elixir unlike others, and to many, it is the crown gem of scents and the most sought-after and rarest material on the planet. Yes, you guessed it: kinam, or Kyara.

This was an experimental bottle made from an exclusive wild wood collection of Japanese green kinam in an attempt to create the highest quality Green kinam oil in the world. The total amount of the distillation was only 30 ml. Separated into two batches, the first was offered to a collector who paid an astronomical price for it. The second was kept in our private vault.

No need to say that this was, by no stretch of the imagination, an illogical, non-commercial, and irresponsible attempt to distill a wood that is kept strictly and exclusively for the highest quality incense use! Not for distillation, and definitely not for commercial use. It is impossible to distill such kind or quality of oil even for 100x the current price now days.

The wood was distilled and finalized in Japan in 1997, and this was a very small and personal distillation that wasn’t for commercial use. The last remaining bottle of this Green, which is a total of only 15 ml, is offered to 15 people worldwide, each bottle containing 1 ml in a medical V-Vial with a hand-signed certificate authenticating it by our house owner and master perfumist, Ali Attar. Since most of our clients are collectors and patrons of the art, we know that this will be unlike anything you have smelled before! This is a very green, clean, herbal, and meditative pure, non-mixed, non-diluted kinam oil that testifies to the amount of work, effort, and cost some masters are willing to invest to create something unprecedented!

For the ultimate experience complimentary with every order, we will send a bag of Royal Hojari frankincense, Bahir incense, 1-gram kinam wood beads scraps, 1-gram kinam green wood.

No need to say that this oil is restricted!

  1. It will not be offered to first-time buyers. Please DON’T buy this oil if this is your first order, as the order will be canceled and you will receive a refund.
  2. It is limited to a 1 ml vial. Please DON’T buy more, as the order will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.
  3. It is limited to one bottle per client, as even a significant number of the private list members won’t be able to get it simply due to the limited amount we have.
  4. Private list members have priority. It will be offered to the private list members first. After one day, whatever remains will be offered to the list of pre-existing clients.
  5. This oil is the total amount we have; it is impossible to replicate or remake. Once it's gone, it is gone forever. Please DON’T ask us to find, source, get, or make more; it is physically impossible.

The opening: Green herbal kinam, very distinctive and very sharp, settling in a way with hints of lotus flower and wildflowers, aromatic with a clean, cedary shadow.

The middle nose: Woody with light citrusy tobacco and water lilies, incense, and resin in the background, very lightly but harmoniously dancing with cherry blossom.

The closing: Aromatic near the skin, woodsy cedar with tea and distinguished herbal notes, slightly leathery, slightly musky, still very green, and clean.