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Holiday Season Ultimate Attar 2023 - Limited Batch - Our Thank you!

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Every season in the holidays we make a very special oil or Attar, it usually gets sold out the same day.

This year we started early, and we have been working on this Attar for over 6 months. We wanted something special that evokes the holiday spirit, yet is sexy, versatile, and multilayered.

We started with a base of pure Taifi-rose, sandalwood, neroli, Jasmin, and ylang-ylang, mixed to perfection in the first phase for a very clear, aromatic, and vivid base. Then we added cinnamon, glove, cardamon, pumpkin spice, ginger, mint, sweet orange, patchouli, vanilla, and midnight queen. The second phase was very spicey, delicious, and edible in scent. We waited 2 months for the mixture to be perfectly and homogenously matured. It was perfect but perfect can always be a little more perfect, so we toped all that with light clean musk, saffron, frankincense, and myrrh to add another depth of sacred notes and hoooly-days to the mix.

After waiting for another 3 months the final Attar was something that when you smell you will take a moment to process the beauty and complexity while thinking is this edible? Please don’t drink it. it’s not edible, but the truth is most of the oils we used were certified organic of the highest quality and the rest were probably organic but because of the artesian nature of the small batches we sourced from local farmers and distillers they probably didn’t have the resources to certify their oil.

This oil is our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year oil. This is it don’t miss it!

The total amount of this Attar/Oil is 500 ML

The first nose

Cinnamon, sweet patchouli with hints of mint and rose.

The middle nose

Gourmand like vanilla with gingerbread and pumpkin spice

The final nose

Light clean breeze of roses with hints of jasmine and light muskiness with rosy aromatic notes

For the last few years, we limited all our holiday oils and Attars to preexisting clients only, this year we are keeping it open to share our work, love, and appreciation with the whole world.

Thank you for your love and support and for choosing an artesian, natural, handmade batches of the highest quality perfume. We thank you; we appreciate you; we are grateful.