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Cambodian Oud Oil sampler - Cambodian agarwood oil

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Considered as one of the most lustful, attractive and pheromone substances in the world, the Cambodian Oud is a “magical love potion”. Adored by women and containing very manly notes, it is the ultimate oil of choice for the Casanovas, the seduction masters, and those who seek to bind the minds and hearts of others.

This sampler, containing 7 of the highest quality Cambodian Oud oils in the world. An array of the different Cambodian Oud oils ranging from the newest and sweetest to the oldest and most pungent. Starting from the latest and freshest which is usually the one that the appeals the most to the western palate:

1)     Cambodian Oud with Rose, Incense & Patchouli – CAM RIP

It is a lovely and exotic mix of Oud oil. It is distilled in the same pod, with a unique blend of roses, patchouli and heavy incense and quality wood. The result is something not only very unique and different but truly intoxicating, non-challenging or intimidating for those who are new to Oud or don’t like acid oil.

When it is opened, it has a strong but pleasant smell, with elements of sweet Oud, patchouli, and honey.  After a few hours, one starts getting the rose with hints of clean leather and sweet vanilla. It closes in a very aromatic way with notes of wood and spices.

2)      Cambodian Sweet Phenom Samkoh – CAM RAVISH

 Similar to the Thai Trat, the CAMRAVISH is superior in quality, rarity, projection and longevity.  And this is due to the kind of environment it is grown and the quality of wood used.

It is also the sweetest, pure & authentic Cambodian Oud, not mixed or maturated with anything. This is the best way to experience the ultimate Oud sweetness and ravish notes. It is a safe and affordable way to wear pure, natural, authentic Oud oil.

3)     Cambodian Royal Mix – CAM REMARKABLE

This is by far, one of the best oils we've ever mixed. The CAMREMARKABLE is a blend of 7 of rarest and purest Cambodian Oud oils. Made with the ancient knowledge and understanding of alchemy, we made this oil to commemorate and honor the ancient perfumers and alchemists. This oil was created with the old methods of distillation based on the "Principle of Sevens" -7 different oils made in 7 different pods, on 7 separate fires, with water from 7 wells, in 7 different days, from 7 different kinds of wood.

If I had to choose any oil, I would suggest this sampler. This is must-try oil and the least I can say about it is that it will change the way you look or understand Oud oil.

When it is opened, It has a fruity, clean, vivid and almost linear smell. After a few hours, you start getting something totally different with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, strawberry and wine. The closing is very unique with skin-like notes with an accord of wood, light leather and spices. It presents itself in a musky, masculine way making it a real masterpiece. If you are looking for compliments and attention, look no further than this in the world of Oud.

4)      Aged Cambodian Oil 10-years-plus – CAM RESERVE

This is where you start entering the authentic, ancient world of perfumery. While it may not be for everyone, it does require lots of experience and scent maturity.  To be able to understand, like and use such oils, we recommend that everyone tries it or at least smell it and get this exceptional olfactory memory.

This is 10-years-plus sand aged Cambodian Oud oil that was distilled exclusively by our house. While there are many ways and tricks to age the Oud oil or make it smell like its age, there is nothing as good or as apparent as fine sand aged Oud oil. A quality CAMRESERVE is rarely done these days not only because it takes years to accomplish but because you lose between 20% and 30% of the actual oil. The result is something that you will even love and adore forever or simply not accept as a perfume and never wear it. In both cases, it is something very unique and special, and those who love natural perfumery and understand the power of natural scents will find this mesmerizing and most delightful. None-the-less, if you are an avid Oud collector or lover, this is one oil that you don’t want to miss.

The opening is very ancient and pure - exclusively Cambodian, what you would smell in an ancient temple or a ceremony. Very manly and very masculine, non-apologetic, rebellious, unique and egotistic. Opening with clear, sharp and old wood notes with heavy leather and dusty accord of stones and earth. After a few hours, it will change and begins to a new world of sweetness, muskiness, and vanilla-like note with the woody, leathery accord still present. Closing with light castoreum and civet notes.

5)  Cambodian 50- years-old Royal Red Oud Oil – CAM RESTRICTED

Oud purest dream, this is a genuine, authentic 50 years old Oud oil distilled from the region of Preah Sihanouk province made in the old methods and standards. This is considered extinct, and the quality of it is impossible to be made or replicated nowadays.

Opens in a light herbal medicinal tone like all old pure Oud, after the first nose you get hints of leather, light rose and lotus flower. Then it opens clearly into a world of tobacco, leathery and wood, after a few hours you get cherry, chocolate, and cinnamon. Closing with clean and recognizable incense-like accord with coffee and light spices.

6- Extremely Rare 60-Years-Old Gold Dust Cambodian Oud – CAM RARE


This is one of the most woody and spicy Cambodian Oud oils. The notes and accords of it are difficult to be made or replicated these days. This is as a result of the fact that it is distilled from what is called “gold dust”- a residue of the highest quality Oud woods in Cambodia. It is usually described as the scent of the Arab royalties, as well as the sheikhs’ signature scents. It is very familiar to the Arabic, and Middle Eastern nose, connoisseurs and avid Oud collectors know this one well.

Its opening is very woody and wide, with notes from greenwood to dark ancient wood. It soon changes to something like a beautiful dream, and you get the real magic of the jungle, grass and tropical islands with hints of spices and leather. After a few hours, you get the fresh green scent of the leaves accompanied by delicate tobacco notes carried on a palate of honey and sour candy. The closing is clean white linen with light leather in the background.




7- Cambodian Triple King 70-years-Old – CAM ROYAL


This is the end of the journey of the Cambodian Oud oil, the ultimate experience and the most challenging one. This is a jungle in a bottle, the leather and the wood exploding from the vial. This is a very old Oud and while many house or companies count the years in "ageing years", we are counting real years in an item. So, this 70 year plus in actual years and I don’t know many houses or collectors who can make this statement for an oil and back it up by 100% money-back guarantee.

This is a massive and robust Oud. Though many people will consider it too strong, it will, however, be beneficial to those who will dare wear this treasure. They will be rewarded by the purest and most potent scent experience Cambodian Oud oil can provide.  Added to it will be attention and compliments of anyone who knows about Oud.

This opens a very heavy woods and spicy a jungle-like scent. After a  few hours, you get pineapple and fruity notes with the wood still present, the closing very chocolate and sweet vanilla-like with green wood and fruity branches notes.


Our promise: I will make this straightforward and short, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. If this sample doesn’t carry some of the highest quality, as well as the purest and rarest Cambodian Oud oils you have ever tried in your life, return it for a full refund.

-         Ali Attar


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