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Bramha Kamala Gullab - Extremely limited batch

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Since histories first recorded perfume in Babylon 1200 BC, people around the world have been trying to push the limits of what is possible in the magical art of scent. The Indians, the Persians, the Arabs, and the French each developed their own ways and methods on the journey to create the greatest scents.

Throughout scent history some of these creations and elixirs, rose above the rest and became the standard for passion, knowledge, and skill in perfumery. Myths became written about these scents. Many of these perfumes were never available to the public, only to priests, royalty and some women who were either mystical virgins of the temple or the wives of Royalty. The eldest perfumes mentioned in the Hindu Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita were created to benefit ‘Royal Personages and Harems’ and rumored to enhance the seductive power and charisma of those few individuals who were allowed to wear it. These sacred perfumes were made out of materials like liquid myrrh, fragrant cinnamon, fragrant cane, and cassia. It was strictly forbidden that the people cannot own it or use it, for the fear that they would also possess the power of these divine scents. This pattern repeated again and again from Mesopotamia to China, where the Imperial family commanded the most skilled alchemists to create scents from agarwood and rose, only to be used by the emperor and his closest circle.

In this longstanding history of secrecy and exclusion some people tried to rewrite the rules and make these same sacred scents available to everyone. The immense level of dedication, commitment, and in-depth understanding of the elemental nature of raw materials made it impossible to recreate the techniques of the ancient perfume masters, until 200 hundred years ago scent masters in India decided to distill the rarest of flowers…

The distillation of the Bramha Kamala Gullab, a flower scientifically described as Epiphyllum Oxypetalum, a flower that rarely ever blooms. It is known as the Midnight Queen because on the rare occasions it shows its full bloom, the moon must be full and at the first light of dawn the flowers wilt. An impossible distillation by all means.

The dedication, the spirituality, and the passion that drove the masters of scent in India to distill it gave the world the ultimate example of making the impossible possible and producing something magical in the process. Legends and stories have long been told about the Midnight Queen attars and that it is the most intoxicating and otherworldly scent available on Earth.

One sniff is rumored to keep you in the mind of those who smell it on you forever. Ancient texts write that with the right masters and the right distillation the oil can be used to awaken the inner forces and powers of the mind that help in meditation and self-realization.

This oil is over 200 years old and has been passed down in our family for generations. It comes sealed in a leather attar pouch. We have maintained the integrity of the oil by opening and filtering it every few years and the rest of the time keeping this precious treasure sealed and secure in a fully controlled environment. Waiting for the right moment to release its rare bloom to the world. Here is your chance to own the Midnight Queen, one of the rarest and most legendary Attars in the world. Available strictly and exclusively from the house of the Perfumist.

This oil consists of Bramha Kamala Gullab oil extraction, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, patchouli, and other natural spices and flowers that we cannot completely recognize as it is not only complex and sophisticated in profile, but very old and matured together in a magnificent way that makes it a scent profile in its own class.

The Opening

Sweet, rosy, and clean. Complex and sophisticated, you can smell the Indian attar scent print, clearly here and the quality and age of this oil are distinctly present.

The Middle Notes

Woody and light aromatic rose, with cherry and vanilla-like hints with a herbal clean natural background. Something magical comes out in the background like lotus, but with less medicinal notes, more jasmine and clean spices. It’s little musky but very clean.

The Closing

Long and very elaborate like a story of an ancient temple, honey, cinnamon, and leather. Clean hints of water rose, and grass, mango and fruits linger in the background. The end is sweet and seductive, the taste of a lingering lover.

The total amount of this oil is 30ML and we will sell off 3 ML (quarter of tola) to 9 people only. In other words, the amount of people who will own a bottle of this historic and magic oil is less that the number of people who walked on the face of the moon.

To make the experience even better and more intoxicating, as we believe these additional items will enhance the experience and open a new horizon of scent understanding and depth, we are giving FOR FREE                                                                                                                                        

  • The first three buyers a free 1 ml bottle of pure Japanese kinam oil by Master Eji Hirioshi
  • The second three buyers a free 3 ml bottle of ASM pure Indian musk oil
  • The third three buyers a free extravagant sampler
  • To all 9 buyers a wild Indian agarwood sampler to be used in conjunction with this olfactory experience.

Thank you and have a wonderful Olfactorial day