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The Perfumist Ultimate Sampler - The royal sampler of pure 100% natural oils

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After a long wait! It's finally here. 

Introducing the epitome of opulence and passion – our Royal Oils Sampler, a treasury of exquisite aromas reserved for the discerning nose.

While the value of this collection far surpasses its price, our mission goes beyond commerce. We envision a world where the majestic art of natural perfumery is accessible to many, not just a select few. In a boutique, a swipe of these enchanting oils would be complimentary, a whispered secret between us and the wearer. Why not translate that generosity online and let the magic unfurl in your own sacred spaces?

Each vial contains a minimum of 5 drops, ensuring you have ample opportunity to be immersed in the aroma, to wear, to ponder, and to fall in love. A collection where heritage meets craftsmanship, many of these oils are rarities, echoes from a bygone era, making them not only perfect for wear but also as coveted collectibles for aficionados and enthusiasts.

Dive into the array:

1- Prachin 

2- Sweet dream

3- 1001 Night 

4- Seufi Oud

5- Brunei Oud 

6- Ratna oud

7- Remarkable oud 

8- Hindi Kadeem oud

9- Red sandal

10- Sib Musk 

11- Amber W

With a complimentary sample of our House Made Natural incense BAHIR 

(Due to the artisanal and limited nature of our oils, we craft our samplers in small quantities. As a result, there's a substantial waitlist for them. If you find the sampler unavailable, we invite you to join our waitlist and we'll promptly notify you once they're back in stock.)

We advocate for an unadulterated experience. After a refreshing shower or a cleansing ritual, apply the oil solo. Embrace its layers, its whispers, and its crescendos throughout the day, allowing each note to reveal its story, from dawn till the quiet of night and perhaps even the next morn.

Step into a realm where each drop is a tale of time, nature, and artistry. Welcome to the Royal Oils Sampler experience.

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Since every order is fully fulfilled by hand just like it was done 300 years ago, Bottling, packaging, sealing, signing and wrapping is all done by hand for every single order. We don’t have prefilled bottles or prepacked products additionally; every order gets passed and signed by our master perfumist personally and for that reason kindly allow us 5 to 7 days to prepare your order. This is for all orders.

If you need the product or item faster than that, please contact us first before making the order.