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The Perfumist oil sampler - royal sampler of pure 100% natural oils

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Finally, it’s here, Our sampler of Royal Oils.
This should worth at least triple the listed price and we probably be losing money by selling this, but we like to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to try our oils and unlike others! Who would sell their sampler for many hundreds of dollars, we consider this as our main marketing and advertisement way in a physical store we would have to offer a free swipe of oil to many people so why not make it as affordable as possible and share the magic of true natural royal perfumery with others.
This is a minimum of 5 drops (0.25 mil) of each of our main oils. It’s enough amount to be tried and tested and to be worn at least twice so you would know what kind and what quality of oils we have, and you would know what you like the most. Additionally, more than half of those oils are officially extinct, so it would be a great collector's items or a perfumist sampler to be kept for comparison and record additionally the wide notes of those oils will be a great introduction and addition to anyone who wants to get in the natural perfumery and Oud passion.

This sampler contains:
1- INDI Rose - Mix of Pure Indian roses
2- SEUFI - seufi oud oil - aged 20 years
3- PRACHIN - Prachin oud oil - aged 20 years
4- RATNA - Sri lankan oud oil - aged 30 years
5- KALAKAS - Indian Kalakassi oud oil - aged 20 years
6- AMBR W - Royal white ambergris Oil 100% natural
7- AMBR G - Green ambergris oil 100% natural

This amount even though it’s few drops only, it’s enough to be worn and fully experienced, our suggestion is to wear the oil alone. After shower or after removing any previous perfume or cologne, since most of those oils have a long-lasting effect and very beautiful layers of notes and aromas we recommend wearing it in the morning and enjoying the full spectrum of the oil until the fading phase in the late night or even the morning after.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Since every order is fully fulfilled by hand just like it was done 300 years ago. Bottling, packaging, sealing, signing and wrapping is all done by hand for every single order. We don’t have prefilled bottles or prepacked products additionally; every order gets passed and signed by our master perfumist personally and for that reason kindly allow us 5 to 7 days to prepare your order. This is for all orders.

If you need the product or item faster than that, please contact us first before making the order.