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Handmade royal incense 100% Natural from the rarest materials in the world

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If I give you all the resources, and no cost limitation and the knowledge and experience of an accumulated 300 years of perfumery and ask you to make the very best natural incense (Bakhoor) in the world, what would you do?

The answer is this! (what is listed here)

This incense was made exclusively by our house and our master perfumist, Mr. Ali AL-Attar, and you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s said that in the old days, kings, sultans, and royalties used to compete for who could make or have the best incense.

It was considered a sign of wealth, power, and prestige. Additionally, it was believed that many of the natural incenses have special benefits and powers and it could fill your mind, body, and spirit with positive energies and ward away negative energies.

To this day, in many cultures, incense is considered an essential almost daily routine. Actually, it’s considered as an art and an important ceremony; in Arabic it’s called (Tateer), in Japanese it’s called (Kudo), it has other names in many other cultures like Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian.
This incense was made with one goal in mind, and that is
“Creating the best incense that could ever be made”.

This was not made or done for profit or marketing as you can see the total amount of it is what’s in the jar (in the picture) and that’s it.

We made this incense in the very old (ancient) traditional way. If you were living a few hundred years ago you could only smell this or own it if you were a king or a wealthy royalty.

The materials used in it are from all around the world and the very top grade of every single material that went into the making of this.

It’s made by breaking the materials by hand with mortar and pestle, in three different steps, large and medium and small. Then mixing the materials with liquid musk, waiting for it to dry then breaking it again and adding sandalwood and rose oil and mixing it a final time and leaving it to dry for few days. This process is very extensive, both in effort and time. But the result is beautiful, you really have to try it and experience it to know what we mean.

The material that went into the making of this incense
1- Royal Hojari frankincense from Omani Dhofar.
2- Top grade Yemeni Myrrh from the mountains of Sarawat.
3- Indian Mysore sandalwood.
4- Cambodian agarwood powder
5- Top grade Arabic Mastic from turkey
6- Baltic amber
7- White top-grade copal
8- Lotus water flower
9- Raw ambergris
10- Raw deer musk

This is a truly unique incense and we can’t recommend it enough. If you like pure and natural perfumery, then this is something you must try.

The sale price is for 1 tola (12 gram) of this incense.


Our promise:
1- EXCLUSIVITY: you won’t ever meet a person who is wearing your cologne or perfume or anything like it unless he bought it directly from us and it’s the same exact cask (which is extremely unlikely because of the very low and limited quantities we offer).
2- RARITY: most of what we offer and sell (70% or more) is considered officially extinct, semi-extinct and there is no way to get it, make it, or sell it again.
3- QUALITY: you won’t ever wear one of our perfumes and NOT get compliments, no matter who you are, where you are or what you do. We have had people slow down due to wearing our oils because of how much attention and how many compliments they get.
4- VALUE: you pay for the real thing - the perfume, the oil, the juice and nothing extra, we are collectors and enthusiasts so everything we offer is directly from source to the user there is no middle man, no advertisement, no employees and no millions of dollars in overhead.
5- ETHICAL: we do what we do because we love it and enjoy it, and that’s why we only do it the right way. When buying from us you are not only supporting the farmers, the olfactory artists and the nature lovers but you are making a change and a responsible decision against the systematic habit of overpaying for the big brand names and feeding their corporate greed.

1- Even though all our oils and perfumes are natural and safe, DON’T drink, intake or consume any oil or perfume.
2- Even though many people use our perfume oils for aromatherapy and healing, please MAKE SURE you know exactly what you are doing because burning, evaporating, inhaling large amounts of essential oils can cause serious health risks.
3- Just like any other kind of substance or material, if you have an allergy, breathing problems, reactions, or sensitivity to strong perfumes and/or odors, be CAREFUL in using our products and always try very small amounts first.
4- Keep oils, perfumes, and other non-edible substance in a SAFE PLACE and away from children’s reach. Seek medical attention if a child intakes a perfume or non-edible substance.
5- Don’t use on sensitive parts like your eyes or open wounds.