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As perfumists, there are a few questions we consistently ask ourselves. One eternal question is if I had the chance to make perfume for some of the greatest people who ever lived, to whom would I make it and how?

We made perfumes for sultans, kings, presidents, and celebrities many of whom’s names are disclosed on our site, but a perfume made for a prophet? All the master perfumists of our house wished this they said it a thousand times, but none did.

Actually, the only unaccomplished and unattainable wish of my ancestors in the last 300 years was to make perfume for a prophet; no need to say this was impossible since the last prophet (peace be upon him) left this earth more than a thousand years ago.

I grow up listening to and reading the stories of perfume and the relation between perfume and religion. Starting from the first documented perfume in history in 1200 BC in Babylonia or Mesopotamia, passing by the Egyptian temples, going through the Jewish incense of the Sabbath and the special temple perfumery materials, reaching the Christian era where a sinful lady anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume and all her sins were forgiven. The story ended with the Musk and where it is mentioned in the holy Quran “The last of it is musk. So, for this let the competitors compete”.

If I was alive when Jesus was here on earth and I had the ultimate honor to make him perfume, what would it be? To start, I must first put guiding lines to my work. Usually, when we make perfume, we start with the budget and the time frame because those will be the basic points of knowing where and how to start. However, can you put a budget or a price for perfume made for one of the greatest men who ever walked on this planet? It would be very insulting if we said yes; so, there is no budget. Time, do want to make something that you know will get better in a year or two? Can you live with the fact that you didn’t wait or had the patience to present the best work at its optimal time? I guess not. Well no time and no cost, so where to start?


I will start by planning the formula, I would take all the time I need to not only plan it meticulously, up to the point of perfection but also to use all the materials and ingredients that were mentioned in the old testimony. Since I’m present now, I will also use the materials mentioned in the new testimony so all the materials that were mentioned in the bible.


I will not only source the best materials in the world from original sources and not where they get sold or processed, but I will make sure that they are all 100% organic, because obviously, a thousand years ago they didn’t have the chemical fertilizers we have now.


I will extract the elixirs from those materials using process and the ways it was extracted a thousand years ago and not by any present or modern way.

Finally, I will add my most precious possession to the mix, as a great work is never perfect with just dedication and commitment if there is no sacrifice.


This oil was made by myself; I’m Ali Attar, the owner of the house of The Perfumist.

The sourcing of this oil

1- All the materials are sourced by our house from the best in the world.

2- All materials sourced from origins and not secondary, or subsidiary locations.

3- All materials are 100% organic, no need to say (100% natural and pure).

4- All material where hand selected and hand processed.

The time of this oil

1- The time to plan it and research it was one year.

2- The time to collect the materials was one year.

3- The time to extract the materials and mixing it was one year.

4- The time it was left to Homogenize and mature was one year.

The materials of this oils

1- There are more than a hundred kinds of oil that went into making this perfume.

2- This is by far one of the most sophisticated perfumes in the world based on materials.

3- All the materials that went into the making were known and used a thousand years ago.

4- This oil consists mainly of all the materials mentioned in the Bible.

My sacrifice: it takes people four years to graduate from college, start a business, or learn a new language, which is the time it took me to make this oil. if I had to chose between all the things I could’ve done in four years and between making this oil, I would choose to make this oil again and again.  Actually, I never had any time better spent than the time I spent making this oil or perfume.

The cost: I won’t say the exact figure this whole project cost because I know people will think I’m insane; maybe I am. But, I will say this, I used the total amount of the 100 years old Cambodian oud oil made with 24-carat gold by my great-grandfather and was inherited and passed down in the family from father to son which we refused many offers to sell it the last one was for 50k.

The total amount of this oil is 200 ML, that’s it. Even If I try to make it again, it won’t be possible, and no one can make it or replicate it. 

To show you the value of this oil, if I excluded my time, work, and expenses and calculated the mere cost of the material, this oil should be about 5000$ per 3Ml.

I will not talk much about the way it smells, the opening and dry down, the different phases and layers, and the complexity and sophistication. Instead, I will list a typical promotional or explanatory paragraph because the only way to experience perfume is to smell it. It’s like an aged Chinese Da Hong Pao tea made by a Kungfu master from the mountains of Wuyi. I can tell you about it, but does that give you the real taste?

In short words, the base of the oil is Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Nardin and you can smell every one of those clearly.

The middle layer is roses, saffron, lilies, cedar, agarwood, sandalwood, camphor.

The top is many spices and fruits designed to smell like Christmas; a very merry one.

There are no animal-based materials in this oil; there are no animalistic notes or accords in this oil.

This oil is not only made in a way that will transcend the whole oil in multiple phases, but the whole oil will change every few hours, and with each time it changes you will experience a new olfactory experience. From the start to the end, you will get the combined essence of over 100 different materials, of the purest, rarest and highest quality on this planet.

This oil will last at least 10 hours on your skin, 24 hours on your hair, three days on your clothes and forever on a scent stick. This oil will not only smell natural and pure, but it will smell like a complex designer perfume. I will push the limit and say:



Now the final challenge is what we would do with this oil; obviously, this oil was not designed or intended to be sold or used for profitable reasons.

What is the point of making such a great oil if no one will smell it or enjoy it, if the regular person can’t access it and appreciate it? If we do that and get all the media and our VIP clients on it, we will definitely get publicity and make the news. But won’t that be sheer self-gratification, a sin and something we should not do if we are trying to make a perfume for Jesus? What is the solution? I have thought about that a lot, and I offered this oil as a gift for 1% of its cost value. Yes, one percent. Limited by not over 12 ML per customer, so none of our beloved top customers buy it all overnight. Since the amount is low, we are offering this exclusively to our customers, and that means only a person who has purchased from us since we publicly launched on 8 / 8 / 2018 and until the date of publishing this post will be able to buy this oil. Kindly note we will accept no purchase request or offers to get or buy this oil from anyone. We are not doing this for money. It doesn’t matter if a customer spent a hundred thousand dollars or one dollar; if you bought anything from us, you are eligible for this offer. This is our way of saying thank you and showing appreciation and respect to those who choose the house of the perfumist.

Now, seriously, don’t miss out on this one!