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KASTURI - kasturi deer musk / 100% natural 50 years old aged

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100% natural, organic, aged Kasturi musk. Ethically extracted from a top-quality farm over 50 years ago.

The total amount of this oil in the world is (30 grams only)

Attention: this is by far the strongest and most powerful pheromonal substance in the world.

This is by far one of the rarest and most special oils in the world; this is what kings, queens, and royalties in the old ages used to wear and it’s what’s royalties in the Middle East wear to this day. Only the wealthiest and most privileged connoisseurs have access to this quality oil.

(Personally, we made private perfumes for 3 Arabic royalties that this oil was the base of and this amount is all that is left).

The history of Kasturi dark musk is very long and well known. It’s been used as a medicine in the old ages and to this day, in Chinese and Arabic alternative medicine, it’s considered one of the most beneficial and most sought-after materials.

This kind and quality of Musk are almost extinct due to the decrease of the species (the deer musk) and due to the creation of similar synthetic oils that smell like this but are not so similar if you ask the people who have tried the real thing.

This is by far the most potent, most powerful, and effective pheromonal substance in the world. In almost every ancient culture and civilization - Indian, Chinese, Persian, Arabic, Roman, etc. - this is considered the ultimate seduction oil. This oil is produced by the male deer at the age of puberty and in the mating season to attract females for mating from miles away. To this day, in many countries in Middle East and Asia, the woman will wear this oil on their wedding night. That’s where the name “bride Oil” comes from. But don’t get it wrong, this will work in attracting woman even more strongly than attracting men. In the old historical records and stories, it’s well documented that kings, sultans, and princes in the east wear this oil when they want to seduce a woman or stand out in a group of other men.

The actual musk oil comes from a solid pod in the deer male, by grinding it and mixing it with a carrier oil, usually a mix of Mysore sandalwood and light rose oil, with 50% to 60% musk and 50% to 40% carrier oil. This oil we have is made in the very old school way which is 70% musk, 20% rose oil and 10% Mysore sandalwood.

The extraction of this oil is 100% ethical as it’s our responsibility and duty to make sure no animal or creature is killed, harmed or hurt in the process. The musk deer is considered like a treasure to the farmers and people in this line of work. Thus, all necessary care and attention are given in the extraction of the musk pod which is done by an expert vet or a doctor specialized in this work. The animals are kept free in large farms eating healthy organic grass and in their natural environment.
This is very necessary as the animal will not produce musk or enough musk if it’s not in the natural environment, and in healthy conditions. Thus, the farmers will make sure that the deer they have are treated in the best and healthiest possible way. The extraction process doesn’t cost the animal any pain or discomfort because the pod grows externally just outside the skin, actually, if the pod is not removed the animal will naturally start scratching it on rocks and trees to get rid of it.

Funny enough when wearing this and asking people, especially ladies, about what it reminds them of or what it smells like, they usually say something from their childhood they are not sure what it is or where they smelled it, but it reminds them of happy times and it’s a very pleasant smell. Don’t take our word for it try it yourself.

Extinct – Rarest – Cannot be found anymore. These are the rarest raw materials on the planet, museum quality oils, those oils cannot be found, replicated, or re-generated. There are such very limited amounts that they get sold by the milligram. The people who work and deal with those oils around the world can be counted on one hand. The majority of the time, these oils will be restricted to royalties and billionaires. The lowest age of these oils starts from 50 years old going up to 500 years old. Anyone who holds one of these oils holds an experience that is exclusive to one human being on this planet. Only 0.001 percent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Very limited – Extremely Rare – Extremely hard to find. These are oils that it’s simply a matter of time, and by that we mean few years, before it goes to the previous category (extinct). These are oils that most probably were a symbol of luxury and opulence throughout the ages and very few privileged people in history had the chance to enjoy them. Only 0.01 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Limited – Rare – Hard to find. This is the lowest of the categories we have but it’s still considered by many as a pinnacle to express class, luxury, and taste in its most aromatic form. These are very limited oils, very hard to make and very few have access to them. Those oils are not extinct, and we really hope they won’t be anytime soon, but they are simply rare because of the raw material they are extracted from, the process and the quality in the making and distillation. Again, these are all 100% natural oils, very concentrated and very powerful, and they will dominate the comparison with any alcohol-based perfume or cologne in every single aspect, every single time. By maximum measurement, only 0.1 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Water – Air – Fire – Earth

Flower/fruity – Oud/woody – Musk/animalistic – Ambergris/aromatic

Light: 3 to 5 hours
Middle: 5 to 7 hours
Long: 7 to 10 hours

Intimate: 1 to 3 feet
Personal: 3 to 5 feet
Aggressive: 5 to 10 feet

This oil: Extinct, Earth, Musk/animalistic, long, Intimate

FACT comparison
Manufactured ready bottled Alcohol perfumes and colognes
1- Have about 3% - 10% oil (perfume)
2- In 99%, 3% - 10% of the oil is synthetic NOT natural.
3- Have about 70% - 90% alcohol
4- Have about 5% - 15% water (diluted)
5- More than 90% of the top perfume brand names test on animals.
6- Most of the chemicals in perfumes are not disclosed on the perfume label and most of these chemicals are POISONOUS.
7- Many of the top brand names use materials from countries with unethical sourcing and child labor.

Natural oils (Our oils)
1- 100% pure extracted (therapeutic grade oil)
2- 100% Natural oils, no synthetic chemicals, no additives.
3- 0% (No Alcohol or dissolvent)
4- Full maximum extraction concentration, no water (not diluted)
5- NO animal testing (NO animal is ever killed or harmed in sourcing, making, or selling any of our products).
6- NO poisonous substances, just pure natural oils and if it’s a mix of more than one oil, we will clearly state exactly what it is.
7- We only use experts specialized in this work - farmers, connoisseurs, artists and we pay top dollar for it. We supervise all our work from the source to the sale. we will NEVER use/abuse the poor or needy to make a profit.

Our products:

Our promise:
1- EXCLUSIVITY: you won’t ever meet a person who is wearing your cologne or perfume or anything like it unless he bought it directly from us and it’s the same exact cask (which is extremely unlikely because of the very low and limited quantities we offer).
2- RARITY: most of what we offer and sell (70% or more) is considered officially extinct, semi-extinct and there is no way to get it, make it, or sell it again.
3- QUALITY: you won’t ever wear one of our perfumes and NOT get compliments, no matter who you are, where you are or what you do. We have had people slow down due to wearing our oils because of how much attention and how many compliments they get.
4- VALUE: you pay for the real thing - the perfume, the oil, the juice and nothing extra, we are collectors and enthusiasts so everything we offer is directly from source to the user there is no middle man, no advertisement, no employees and no millions of dollars in overhead.
5- ETHICAL: we do what we do because we love it and enjoy it, and that’s why we only do it the right way. When buying from us you are not only supporting the farmers, the olfactory artists and the nature lovers but you are making a change and a responsible decision against the systematic habit of overpaying for the big brand names and feeding their corporate greed.

1- Even though all our oils and perfumes are natural and safe, DON’T drink, intake or consume any oil or perfume.
2- Even though many people use our perfume oils for aromatherapy and healing, please MAKE SURE you know exactly what you are doing because burning, evaporating, inhaling large amounts of essential oils can cause serious health risks.
3- Just like any other kind of substance or material, if you have an allergy, breathing problems, reactions, or sensitivity to strong perfumes and/or odors, be CAREFUL in using our products and always try very small amounts first.
4- Keep oils, perfumes, and other non-edible substance in a SAFE PLACE and away from children’s reach. Seek medical attention if a child intakes a perfume or non-edible substance.
5- Don’t use on sensitive parts like your eyes or open wounds.