10 Magical Perfumes That You Can Still Own - by Ali Attar

Here are some of the most magical, and mysterious perfumes that have been made throughout history.


I will start with listing them with no specific order regarding rarity time or importance. With that being said I will have to clearly state that some of those are considered more important than others, but I will list them in no specific order and leave it up to you to decide which one is the most intriguing and interesting.


  • Bent at Sudan


The story starts when the British adventurer and explorer Eric Ernest Burgess is in Africa, and he meets the heads of the 14 tribes of the Great Sahara and what is currently known as Sudan. The heads of the tribe knew that the man was a perfume maker and a knowledgeable distiller so each one of the Chiefs handed him a bunch of materials like herbs and three saps, 14 tribe chiefs, 14 different material and asked him to use the materials to create a perfume. At that time Eric Ernest Burgess was the consultant for the famous company WJ Bush & Co, the project greatly intrigued him and in the year 1920 the first edition of Bent El Sudan which translates to (the daughter of Sudan) was created. People who had their nose on the very first batch many say had supernatural abilities, specific qualities that make people like you and admire you in ways unbelievable and incomparable to any other perfume. The first edition of bint al-Sudan was distilled as an alcohol-free perfume fully oil-based suited for Muslims and heads of tribes as at that time (and possibly still now to many) alcohol-based perfumes we're considered more of a mass produce a lower quality perfume that is incomparable to pure oil. The perfume is one of the most well-known recognizable and top-selling perfumes in the entire history of perfumery, it's been in business for over 100 years and the demand for it increases year after year. Recognizable in almost every country in Africa this was the legend of bint al-Sudan. It's important to say that the current version of this perfume is not the same as the first old batch that was produced even though it may carry similarities and scent and profile but doesn't have the magical abilities and powers that the first edition claimed to have. The new replication of Bint al Sudan can be easily acquired from many places online or local African market shops and it’s very affordable but it’s important to say that it’s nothing compared to the original formulation. 

Some of the main materials in the original version based on our research and asking a few experts in this field include:

1- shebb or alum in English alumstone

2- irq al- alali or in English Acacia wood

3- qarad (sunt pods)

4- ain al- arus (Abrus precatorius), 

5- kasbara (coriander) 

6- cumin 

7- lubān (Commiphora pedunculata) 

8- ghasoul (Salicornia sp.)

9- mismar or gloves

10-kerfah or cinnamon

11- Jasmine

12- Lilac

13- Lily-of-the-Valley

14- Musk 


here is our good friend Dimitry a perfume writer, speaker, and Historian talking about it, you can also find many reviews, videos, and articles about it online.




Even though we don’t sell it, or at least the original version of it, you can find the “replication” or new version of Bint al-Sudan in many places online, and in almost every local Attar shop in Africa or North Africa. Don’t let your expectations and the magic of the original formulation get the best of you as the new Bint al-Sudan is nothing and I mean nothing like the original one. 



  • Jatter keko, or what is known by many as the magical Keko. 


This perfume was created by the order of King Alfonso the 13th of Spain, the person who made it was named Jatter Keko, believed to be a famous Spanish alchemist, from Arabic origins. it's said that man knew the secrets of Distilling a specific species of flowers based on the planetary consortiums, and based on the order of the king of Spain to create a perfume that cannot be created again with an open budget and resources Master Jatter locked himself in his house and collected a huge amount of flowers and natural materials, and after many months of hard work, he came with a perfume that believed was the pinnacle of mysterious and magical work in perfumery an elixir that many famous stories and books been written from the inspiration of that perfume. When the King opened the bottle and took the first to sniff he looked around as if he was seeing things that no other person could see, to everyone astonishments one drop of the oil could turn heads so powerfully that people would follow the wearer of the scent where he would go almost unconsciously and do his demands. Even though there must been some exaggeration in the story. It is well recorded that a few of these bottles were gifted to other kings and leaders of countries as an extremely valuable treasure from the king of Spain, some of those bottles landed in the hands of the Ottoman sultans who priced it beyond any other perfume, and each one of those bottles was wrapped and sealed with the ottoman Royal seal, and no person other than the sultan and his chosen family would have access to it. Few of these bottles reached the museum and a few landed in the hand of very wealthy collectors and connoisseurs, wrapped and stamped with the royal Ottoman seal, these are considered extremely valuable substances that many people believe has supernatural abilities, many researchers, and collectors attributes this to simply having specific mushrooms and flowers that give hallucinate effect to the person wearing it or the person smelling it. Some on one side say this is one of the most magical substances that has ever been created in history and can influence physical reality, and some simply say that it was a cheap attempt to impress the royal court by adding powerful hallucinate materials to a perfume which was not a super difficult task at that time. It is interesting to mention that many years ago one of those original sealed bottles from the Ottoman Court size of 30 ml or so was sold in a private auction, that we attended in the Middle East for more than one million dollars.


Many people took advantage of this substance and started promoting it as a magical elixir and material that can create unattainable results such as making anybody fall in love with the wearer and bringing luck, prosperity, wealth, success, or even extending your life. Some also believed that it could give those who can't perform sexually, the power to be Hercules in bed, it was simply stated as a "fix-it-all magical solution for anything and everything that you may face in your life". Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the scam many people become rich by taking advantage of our primitive behavior and believe that someone somewhere made something so magical that can fix all our problems. Even though we truly believe that the maker of this perfume was a genius and there is such a perfume in reality, we believe most of what is said about its magical properties can be explained and understood if scientifically and logically approached. It is important and valuable to understand the ways and methods of the ingredients and materials how it was made and how it affects people whether it is in a physical, or psychological way. 


No need to say that this perfume is extremely complex and complicated in the making, and it may include up to hundreds of different materials and herbs but some of the ones that are recognizable in it are, 

Jasmine, Rose, musk, ambergris, The Queen of the Night or what is also known as night-blooming cactus, gardenia, myrrh, frankincense, patchouli, tulip, Lily of the valley, parsley, juniper, with other herbs and materials.


Unfortunately, there are not many documented records of this oil, but we know it is there as we have seen it in auctions before and even know a few collectors who have an entire bottle of it! There is not much in English about it but if you search the name in other languages such as Arabic you will find lots of details. Here is the word or the title in Arabic if you like to search for it and find out more about it (google Translate can easily be used). We have to clarify that 99% of the people who assume or claim they have it or sell it are simply trying to make a quick dollar so please don’t let your good intentions, imagination, or interest in seeking the forbidden get the best of you if it's for sale online it's probably not real. the Keko name in Arabic is “زيت الكيكو “. 



First, to understand the way this is being made and formulated we have to look at the reason why it was created. The history of sexual seduction is long and probably as old as the history of humanity itself. The use of the basic instinctive needs and sexual drives in state affairs and intelligence was mainly established and developed in the Middle Ages when kings and queens used the court and their influence to attract alliances and extract information and intelligence, The Egyptians and the Babylonians may be the first who done it and seen it as it an effective method to be implemented in war or the state but it wasn't them who made it into an essential part of the government information and intelligence systems. The actual development of this use by specifically using and training spies, to be effective, and powerful pawns on the board of intelligence to serve governments and politics was only started lately. A short research and history of "sexpionage" is required to understand its use and background. These departments have specifically dedicated scientists to research everything from the psychology of need to the basic male-female biology and sexuality, to provide the ultimate tools and knowledge to the individuals whose job is to approach, attract, and extract information from adversaries through sexual and psychological seduction and control. 


The scientists of the KGB, after long research and study of different materials and substances and their effects on our minds and psychology, came up with a mix that female spies, or what is known as (sparrows/swallows) used to attract their male victims. This material was so effective and powerful that it is stated in the documentaries and the later published research that the male targets were "totally defenseless to this method" and were almost immediately attracted in a powerful and self-hypnotic way to the females wearing his mixture, this mixture eventually called the "KGB sex scent" and for many years it was one of the most well-kept and deadly secrets. The mixture was made from a base of verbena, lovage, and rue. The detailed research published a few years ago stated that other oils were mixed with it such as (tuberose and Jasmin and rosa) to make a light sweet scent that has a powerful effect on the man’s mind that almost generates immediate sexual attraction and submission to the female wearing this scent.


It is believed that this scent was a very effective and powerful weapon in the hands (or bodies) of the swallows and it was used to affect and seduce many powerful and important politicians in that era, who knows what improvements or additions have been added to reformulated from this original recipe with the scientific advancement and the ability to replicate specific Human pheromones. Have you ever smelled someone and just thought this is irresistible? Proceed with caution!


This formula was mentioned and recorded in many documentaries and books, here is an older documentary that speaks about it, if you wish to see the whole thing you can or you can skip to the part where they mention the making of this dangerous and lustful material in minute 17:00 of the video. 




We made the ultimate reformulation of this oil, with the highest quality, purest materials, and most potent oil extraction. Verbena, Lovage, and Rue, with tuberose, jasmine, midnight queen and rosa. We didn’t only make it from the original receipt the original way it was mentioned in the documents, but we made it masked under a clean and clear tone of rose that doesn’t make it smell different or strange so it can be worn anytime, anywhere, day and night, cold and hot season. The mixture we made is very powerful and potent and that’s the least we can say! If you want to try or explore this or make the right or wrong (for that matter) man fall in love with you quickly you might want to give this oil a try, but please be responsible and use it with caution! 

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The name al-galiyah in Arabic means precious one, it is a common name to describe something of extremely high value and rarity. The name himself (Abu Yousif Yaqoud bin Ishaq al-kindi) or what is shortly known as Al-kindi was an Arabic Muslim polymath, philosopher, astronomist, mathematician, physician, and chemist. Described by many as the father of Arabic philosophy, he is arguably the father of modern perfumery. A little research will tell you a great amount of information about this amazing personality and his contribution to the world of science and to the modern world of perfumery which is our main subject of study.


Al-kindi was an expert in distillation and mixing and understanding different botanical materials, in his book "Kitab Kimiya' al-'Itr" (Book of the Chemistry of Perfume) he described the making of different senses and perfumes such as musk (indifferent varieties and kinds), Amber (indifferent varieties and kinds) with others such as saffron, rose and frankincense. But one important section in his book is specifically dedicated to the making of (Al gawali) The plural of (Al galiyah). Which describes a perfume that is made with very rare and expensive materials in a very specific way making it superior to the other kinds of perfumes.


In his book, he mentioned different recipes and ways to make those galiya's One in a specific which he described as (Superior) and it was believed that this was the one that was used by the (Abasy khalifa) as the Royal scent of the khalifa and the most superior scent at that time.. this is specific scent was made from the mix of three basic materials, Tibetan deer Musk, extra dry white ambergris, and the oil of the green frankincense. Indifferent proportions in a specific way that made this sense not only extremely powerful and lasting but very lustful and extremely recognizable and rememberable by any person that smells it. Just given the name (galiyat al gawali) The most precious of the precious ones. 


We made a replication of the original (galiyat al gawali) by Al-kindi it wasn’t easy or cheap. We had to find an Arabic scholar to translate the actual material from the old Arabic (the scholar's language the book was written in) to new (or currently used terms), then source all the materials to make it exactly the way described, it took us over a year and lots’ and lots’ of materials to get it to the perfect OCD standard that our clients expect from us. Not to brag or anything but we don’t know of any house, maker, or company that attempted this and succeeded. The final elixir is made with rose, musk, and ambergris. Not only all natural and pure but many of the materials we got were organic. I’m not going to go into the details of the making or the materials as some secrets are made to say as secrets and this is one of them, and those who will try it or own it will agree. This is specifically made for our pre-existing clients and we made it in a very small and limited batch needless to say this is the opposite of mass-produced, bulk-sourced designed colognes or perfumes. We did it to give our clients a chance to try it and own a real elixir of significant historical importance 

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  • The Prophets Musk /The heavenly Scent


It is well documented for all Muslims that the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was an avid user and collector of perfumes. He even stated in a hadith “Of all that is available in this present life, I am made to love perfume and women, but the thing that gives me best gratification is prayer.” it is clearly stated that the favorite scent for the prophet was Musk or any other sense that was used with Musk, there are three different sense that has been described in the holy Quran, and these are musk, campur, and Basil. It is believed that the prophet has used those scents for perfumery. It is also believed by mixing those main base scents with others a large number of amazing perfumes can be created. 


It is also believed that Prophets, saints, and some martyrs who have committed and dedicated their life to God will have specific scents coming out of their bodies even after their death, there are numerous stories from all history, from people who witnessed and testified of this phenomena. Even though not all of those people are religious or believers, many will tell you stories about an accidental digging where they found an old grave that they later realized was for a martyr or a saint, and while they were taking in the place of the bad unexpected scent of decay, they start smelling an amazing scent described by money as unearthly. Similar to the scent of light Musk when harnessed and cleaned. 


We looked into this phenomenon for a long time and even though we cannot confirm or deny the findings or what this may mean or if the scent would be coming out from other materials that were buried or used in the varying ceremonies, we can state with a high level of confidence that this belief, or phenomena was well in scripted in the hearts and minds of many believers around the world from different religions and backgrounds.


I remember in my latest visit to Spain, in the Grand córdoba mosque-cathedral. When the tour was giving us a journey. He mentioned that after the Andalus fall many of the places changed and renovations took place there was construction and they dug near the tomb of Abdul Rahman Alfatih, and they started smelling an amazing scent coming from the ground, and the nearest they got to the tomb the stronger scent was, before digging up the tomb the Christian priest that was in charge of the renovation or expansion told them to stop and not to go near the tomb. This scent is a clear symbol that the person who is buried here is a saint or a martyr who should not be disturbed.


Many similar stories come from different places around the world, some we have personally witnessed and some being transferred by eyewitnesses the overwhelming amount of these stories, describe the same scent of being a light clean musky scent that comes from the ground in specific places and barriers for people who thought to be martyrs and saints, and in some cases from the non-decade and fully preserved bodies of some of those people, in multiple believes such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.. make us think that it must be something more than just a coincidence or an accidental overuse of sent or perfume in the body of ceremonies or tombs.


There is no scent that we can make or anyone, for that matter that matter that will replicate this or smells similar, so all we can say is that if you have a strong believing heart and love and courage we wish for you as we wish for ourselves that one day we will smell this scent on ourselves. 



It is not a secret that India is undoubtedly the mother of scents and spices, from oud to sandalwood, musk, and spices no matter what it is it was probably made distilled and mastered at some point in history in India. 


I remember on my last visit to different cities like Bombay, Kerala, and Kannauj which are considered by many as the capitals of perfumery of the old world, well until this day there are shops and distilleries there have been doing this for hundreds of years. Mastering the old arts of scent, no matter how complex and demanding it was a task that master perfumists of India did very well.


With all those scents and aromas, one specifically caught the attention of perfumists and researchers and that is the scent of the master Yogis. In my research and work, I came across multiple statements that after long fasting, meditation, and being on a very strict and specific vegetarian diet. The body will change, and a specific scent will start projecting from the skin a very pleasant scent that was described by many as the scent of the master yogis.


It is said that it can only happen after decades of an immense and strict diet and practice of specific exercises, sweating, and cleansing of the body. And that scent will be projected naturally from the skin. Similar to the scent of Rose and sandalwood but more prominent and unique. A deep and powerful chemical reaction inside the body with a multiplication of enzymes and hormones all resulting in a specific activity that can translate into this scent being recognized by people other than the person themselves.


I doubted this statement and I thought people could consume specific small amounts of strong herbs or materials that can eventually change the chemistry of the body and that scent will start projecting on the skin. On my trip to India and specifically near the Golden Temple I found multiple very old Yugi's who I have asked about this phenomena. Your answer was very simple and direct many of them immediately recognized it and they said this is something very normal that happened to most Yogis after multiple years of fasting meditation and practice. 


They even stated that it is nothing special or to be proud of as the body will naturally produce sin when a person is reaching a level that is close to alignment or freedom. Beast on what they say that through a long and specific samadhi (a process of meditation and concentration) a person can project the send out of their body with their will and intention only. 


I was extremely doubtful of that so I asked one of them to demonstrate this, I wanted a controlled environment so I asked them to leave their tent and sit in a completely open and empty area, I also made sure that there were no other people or assistance with this person that can perform a trick or use a specific scent. The person (the Yogi) was almost completely naked except for a small piece of cloth covering their sexual organ, The man was in his '60s, extremely skinny with long hair and beard. I washed closely staring at the man making sure that his hands were closed together and empty, I did my best to meet all the criteria that an unbiased observation would require. After about 30 minutes or so I started smelling a light breeze of scent to my surprise it was coming from the person's skin, it was a very pleasant scent to my nose it smelled like a vegetable-based scent with an accord of sandalwood and light spices and rose in the background. It was a real scent a real perfume that was not distilled or mixed by anyone but naturally made by the body.


When I asked a few biologists who specialized in human chemical anatomy they told me that it is very possible after many years of consuming specific grains, and herbs and being on a strict diet that with the slightest break of sweat in the body will smell like a perfumed scent. One of my biggest challenges as a perfumist is to replicate that scent. Unfortunately, until this day with my best effort, I was not successful in nailing it completely.


even though it is an effort in vain to try to replicate the exact scent or recreate it accurately, the most similar thing to it in real life would be our Maysore red sandalwood, which in the dry down phase smells very similar and in a way enigmatic, for anyone who has smelled it before. Let me tell you this is the nearest it gets to the scent of enlightenment. Meditation experts and yogis all around the world agree with this statement. 

Something very similar!



Probably one of the most recognized perfumes and scents in the world is the Egyptian musk. What many people don't know is that the history of the Egyptian musk is 4,000 years old. 


The Egyptian priests and alchemists at that time produced it with very specific methods that unfortunately most of it being lost to history translation and the consistent destruction and burning of books and libraries in the old world.


The Egyptian musk was not just a perfume it was an elixir, a material between the physical world and the spiritual world that can bind the boundaries between both and entitle the wearer to abilities similar to those we see in the movies. It was not only believed that it would ward off all misfortune, negative energies, and evil spirits, but it would give the user the ability to command such a level of respect love, and control to anyone who sees them or smells them.


For that reason, in the original scriptures written in the hieroglyphic, the recipe of the Egyptian musk was limited to the Pharaohs and the priests only. It was never sold or offered to the public and was considered one of the very important secrets that was not shared or presented to the public.


While we know the Egyptians succeeded in mummifying buddies for thousands of years building monumental architectural buildings that I doubt we will be able to build in the current days with our current technology and producing an immense amount of knowledge and philosophy that until this day there are dedicated department and universities studying it. 


The Egyptian Musk was used and reformulated throughout history, and we know that the Queen of Sheba, the kings of Africa, Cleopatra, with many other icons and symbols have used it and there are numerous historical documents and records of the importance and value of this specific material or perfume.


Even though we don't know the exact original recipe for making the original Egyptian musk we know that it contained ingredients such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber, Rose Petal, Ambrette seed oil, Lily of the Nile, and jasmine.


With the disagreement about one or two materials that might or might not be used, we can tell with very high accuracy that the Egyptian Musk was a very pleasant clean Rossy scent, that didn't only smell amazing but had some special effects on the psyche and the mind of the person wearing it and those who smelled it as well.


Throughout the years we tried to replicate the Egyptian musk in different, recipes and methods and I'm proud to say that we have succeeded at a great level in finding a range of what it would be or smell like and from making over a hundred different batch and mixture I can say with high certainty that our Egyptian musk, is the closest thing you will find to the real one. 


With that being said it is very important to understand and realize that the methods of making the season of the sourcing and the process of the mixing can greatly change the result, with a simple understanding of the old Egyptian astronomy beliefs, and spiritual beliefs that was based on the of Nile rising and seasons, I can tell you that the old Egyptians we are not only geniuses in making an amazing perfume but they were brilliant in understanding the zodiacs and the astronomy and the effects of different planets on crops and seasons.


Throughout the years we tried to replicate and remake the original Egyptian musk, making over eight varieties of it and trying to use different possibilities as the material mentioned in the original documents can be more than one such as spice, herb, and resin, which usually means spices from the same kind of the mixture, herbs of the same characteristics that compliments the mixture and resin from the region usually frankincense or Myrrh. But even the slightest change or using Frankincense in place of Myrrh or both can make a huge difference, so we tried and tried and tried and made the first edition of the original musk a few years ago, and it was all sold out in one week, then we made it again with more Nile lilies and blue lotus and it was sold-out again this time in two days and almost everyone who got it asked from more (is it truly magical?) we wondered! this time we made the ultimate version of it. Not only based on the feedback we got and trying it and using it but based on a deeper understanding of the work and the materials which can only happen after a long and intense process of learning (my grandfather who’s a top master perfumist in his time used to call it cleaning the pod) because the materials are even burned or the heat in not balanced so you have to clean the entire pod and start from the beginning. 


This edition of the Egyptian musk is by far the most potent, attractive, and complex and we went through extreme difficulties to source the materials for the Nile River region, we didn’t use any lilies or any myrrh we used Nile lilies and Nile myrrh of the highest quality, something magical about this mix this ultimate Egyptian musk you don’t have to trust me on this because you can try it yourself if you close your eyes and take a sniff of this oil you can fell or sensory touch the breeze of the Nile, I’m not sure how to describe it without sounding weird but if you try you will know what I mean. 

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8- The Japanese kinam- The scent of the shoguns  



made and distilled by master Eji Hirioshi of Tokyo the 4th of 5th Japanese master Perfumist and distiller who specialized in making extremely limited superior quality oils distilled from the rarest kinds of wood or raw material in the world kinam!


Stories about this oil are many and they vary specifically in the groups of collectors and connoisseurs, but one story that almost everyone agrees on is that this oil was distilled in many generations, and it was used by the best and most respected samurai warriors, they used it on the hilts of their swords, on their armors and helmets.


It was believed that it can give peace concentration and fortune in battle, to ward off negative spirits and energies, and to bring victory and success to the wearer. 


We had a small batch of this oil in our collection, that we inherited in three generations, it is probably one of our most priced and rarest oils in the collection. For decades we didn't offer this oil to the public and when anybody asked about it we gave no reply!


A few years ago, we had multiple large orders of the soil, and the few people who got its start requesting more and more of it, the amount was running low, and we didn't want few people in the world to monopolize it, so we decided to offer it to the public. 


If I had to pick one oil to be my go-to choose for meditation, Zen, and relaxation it would be this oil, we even lab-tested it to see what it consists of, and we publish the lap test publicly on our website. 


Our record shows that this oil was made between 1829 and 1830, and the total amount was about half a liter. Even though we don’t have the full details of the making process and the specification, the lab test, and the constituents can tell us a lot about this oil.


The oil opens in a Cedary, woody, and clean. Deep yet very nonintrusive way, familiar in a way but powerful and vibrant slightly herbal but dominantly Woody. If I have one word to describe the opening of this oil, it will be “alive” This oil truly feels alive in a strange way. It doesn’t feel like an agarwood oil or any oil for that matter but rather like a scent coming from an actual tree, rose, or plant. It is exceptionally balanced and smooth.


After a few minutes, the oil transforms into something intoxicating. You get clear herbal and aromatic notes of lemon, rose, and patchouli, with clear cherry blossom lotus in the background.


The oil closes in a woody and smoky way, near to the skin and aromatic in a way but very settled and clean with clear hints of jasmine and light leathery and musky notes. This oil is running extremely low, it’s not for wearing unless you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars every time you wear it, but it’s definitely for collecting, cherishing, and saving some of it for the coming generations.  


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9- Sultan Abdul Hamid II Oud Oil – The Pinnacle of Mastery 


holds a profound significance for me, not necessarily because it ranks as the rarest, oldest, or most expensive oud oil, but due to its historical significance, exceptional quality, and the captivating narrative woven around it. This remarkable fragrance takes its roots from a heritage dating back more than a century, meticulously crafted by the esteemed Arabic-Turkish perfumist, Sayed Abdul Gafour Al Attar the great-grandfather of Ali Attar the owner of The Perfumist House. Sayed Adbul Gafour Al Attar's distinguished artistry was exclusively commissioned for Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the prestigious Ottoman royal palace.


In the pursuit of sourcing the finest agarwood for this extraordinary creation, Sayed Abdul Gafour Al Attar embarked on a journey spanning the globe. He ventured to Nagaland, India, a region renowned for its unparalleled agarwood and skilled perfumers during that era. What sets this oud oil apart is its heritage; even the lowest-grade oud oil produced during that time surpasses the quality attainable today. This can be attributed to the abundant reserves of wild agarwood, the expertise of the labor force, and the unwavering patronage of luminaries like Sultan Abdul Hamid II, along with other influential leaders, who recognized the significance of advancing the science and art of perfumery in the Middle East. Their contributions played a pivotal role in shaping and fostering the burgeoning perfume industry in Europe.


The Sultan Abdul Hamid II Oud Oil epitomizes the pinnacle of oud oil distillation in the region and perhaps in the annals of history. Crafted from the most ancient and meticulously selected woods, it undergoes a meticulous three-day distillation process over a gentle flame. The resulting elixir is then encased in hand-blown bottles adorned with verses from the Holy Quran, truly a masterpiece of artistry and devotion. Presented alongside it is a silk scarf bearing the official tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, housed within the royal chess box, sealed with the sultan's insignia. This exquisite oud oil held its position as one of the world's rarest and highest-quality fragrances in its time, a distinction it likely still maintains to this day. Its place as number 9 on the list of the rarest and most enchanting oils and perfumes is a testament to its enduring allure and historical significance.


We listed this oil (one bottle of it) and it was sold out in less than 24 hours of the listing even with the many rules and restrictions we placed our clients didn’t want to leave a chance for error, and man it was gone! There is one more bottle of this left in our private vault, it will not be listed to the public (I know I’m sorry) it might be offered to the members of the house's private list. You may wonder how to join the private, the private list is by direct invitation only and it only has a few openings every year or so. The total number of people on the private list doesn’t exceed 50 at any time and there is one chance to join by single invitation. Once a year. 

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10- The Rabbinic scent of the temple.


Described by many as a forbidden scent and something that has the power and ability to change one’s mind and destiny something that must only be offered to God by the dedicated holy. 


The details about this scent, which was originally intended as incense, can be of course used to transfer to a perfume or even an oil by an experienced master. The details and the description are simple. 


First start by Gathering the following ingredients: sweet spices, rosin (any aromatic gum resin from trees), onycha (also known as the "fingernail" spice), and galbanum. Then Separate and pound each spice separately to create a fine powder, that can be used for the mixture. add all the pounded spices to create a blend of incense and mix it well. 


The mixture or the incense blend should be made like the skills of an apothecary or herbalist, the process should be accurate in the matter of the making and the mixing, and this usually means using different levels of brick and mortal for grinding and then powdering the materials until it is total powder and drying it and using accurately measured proportions for each one. 


then season the incense blend with salt to enhance its fragrance and properties, it’s important to state that the salt musk be natural and not manufactured as the mix will lose its natural and pure standing if one of the materials is manufactured or not natural.  


Finally Ensure that the ingredients used are all pure and of high quality, maintaining the sanctity of the mixture, don’t mix the materials in a place where sin or animals are present, this usually means it should be mixed in the temple or a safe place in one’s house dedicated for this work. 


Although the verse in the Book of Exodus mentions only four spices by name, some interpret it to include a total of eleven chief spices. This interpretation is based on a rule of biblical exegesis. The rule states that when a general statement is followed by specific details and then followed by another general statement, you should not infer anything beyond what is true of the specific details. In this context:


  1. The general statement is the use of the word "spices."
  2. The specific details include "rosin" (aromatic gum resin), "operculum" (the "fingernail" spice), and "galbanum."


  1. The general statement is reiterated as "spices" at the end which in this text is a clear meaning.


Therefore, the interpretation suggests that the "spices" referred to in the verse must share similar qualities to the specified details, such as gum resins (e.g., Mastic, terebinth gum resin, myrrh, balsam, etc.) and the characteristics of the (fingernail) spices, maintaining the thematic consistency of the mixture. Makes sense! 


If you want something similar to this, or even more user friendly or less (religiously smelling) then try Our incense Bahir which is one of the most dedicated incense creations that we have made, the majority of the mixing and grounding process is recorder so enjoy watching that as well if you like.


Here you have it a mix of magical incense or even a perfume that should smell holy and magical. We know of some people (natural perfumists and enthusiasts) who tried to make it and you might even be able to make it yourself with little knowledge and basic information about perfumery. We haven’t made it yet so we leave it to you or to anyone else to create this magical scent and perfume or recreate it for the first time. 


Those are ten magical perfumes or scents, that I know of or have seen and experienced in my life, there might be more and I'm almost sure there are many more but how many of those have been lost in the records and books of history how many have been destroyed and went into oblivion, imagine the amount of knowledge beauty and olfactory experience that we could extract from the entire human history if all those scents and perfumes were saved recorded and preserved. 


I have not shared or linked many references or records as this is merely an informative article and not a scientific or research document, still a simple internet search can show or present many of the details mentioned here. 


Finally, I ask you to support us by sharing this article and sharing the importance of our mission and work to preserve and protect the ancient knowledge and arts, protect our resources and natural materials, and prevent the destruction and the extinction of species, knowledge, and resources. To help create a cornerstone for the coming generations and for humanity to understand and appreciate the beauty and magic of scent and natural perfumery.