The most exclusive perfume house in the world

“The only true exclusivity is created by nature” – the Perfumist

Exclusivity, a big word many people talk about. But what does it really mean, especially to us at the House of the Perfumist.

So many people thought we were making an overstatement when we said we were the most exclusive perfume house in the world.

So why?

First of all, the essence of the perfumist’s exclusivity comes from nature since this day and for over 300 years we’ve been committed and dedicated to selling and making 100% natural oil perfumes. This, by itself, is the ultimate exclusivity. Let me explain…

The process, like anything in existence, starts with a thought, a mere idea, which is manifest into action.

You pick the right region and location (the easiest thing on the list). You go to the jungle, you find the tree (it gets tricky here because you need to know exactly what you are looking for and what are you doing). You cut the tree (those trees are at least 50 to 100 years old, so it will take another 50 to 100 year for a tree from the same location with the same properties in the same circumstances and maybe you will have the same wood - maybe, no one knows for sure! After you get the wood, you chop it, clean it, smoothe it and shine it (all done by hand). Then you separate the incense wood from the layering wood or the residue or the crust. When you have the right wood for distillation and have fully grinned it, soaked it and sealed it, you can start making the oil (which can smell differently based on the amount of wood, kind of wood, kind of water, kind of distillation pods, the heat or the kind of fire, and the way it was distilled). After you get that oil you mix it with other oils such as rose, musk, ambergris - each one of those oils went through the same process listed here in one way or another. This makes it impossible to re-make or reformulate any kind of natural pure perfume oil mix. After you’ve made a few mixes and left them to settle and to be homogeneous with each other for a few months, then you can come back to pick the perfect mix and choose it as something that will represent you, your legacy and your passion, and by the time you have done that the trees and the wood you used are long gone and you can't get them anymore.

Keep in mind that this is just the base of the exclusivity, here is where the art of real perfumery starts.

With over 300 years of family experience in perfumery and over 100 years of making, selling and mixing perfumes for kings and royalties there is something beyond good quality or high standards - there is passion, love, legacy, experience, and knowledge. This is exclusivity.

The nature of the pure artesian natural perfumery will always be in limited quantities - “always!” So when we are making perfume oils they are all done by hand in every single step, from extraction to packaging, and we can only offer so little of this oil simply because we are limited within the boundaries of nature. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can’t send kinam oils to stores all over the world because the total amount of it in the whole world will not cover the basic consumption of one large city. You can’t make pure deer musk oil with the ultimate concentration and list it in all the airports because there is not enough deer on the planet to do that. And you can’t hand out free samples of ambergris oil made from royal white amber because there are not enough whales in the oceans to generate that much ambergris.

This doesn’t only mean ultimate exclusivity but the art of mixing, aging and combining oils that we have mastered over the years will give you something that no other human being has worn or experienced unless he bought the same oil, from the same batch, strictly from us.

So, you may have heard many stores and tales in the world of perfumery, but have you heard about the perfume house that was sold out of half of their inventory on the first day of opening to the public. Yes it's a fact that was us, the house of “The Perfumist,” the most exclusive perfume house in the world.