A perfume that has never been made in the world nor it will ever be made again, we will make it just for you!

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A Perfume House of Royalty.

Let the house that made the private perfumes for three sultans, five presidents, and over a hundred royalty make a custom perfume for you. A perfume that no one else in the world will share with you.

History Woven into Heritage 

With over 300 years of experience making some of the most exotic and exclusive perfumes in the world, owning some of the world's rarest perfumes and oils, and dedicated to perfection with a purist standard, who better to make a custom perfume for you?

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Why The House of Perfumist?

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There are many perfume houses that offer what they call custom or bespoke perfume making. Almost every one of them has an automated system that will simply give them a formula based on a few online choices you make. This synthetic formula will be called your new custom perfume, and they will send it to you, and you will pay for it. Why would you do that?

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Just imagine how many people will make the same choices you make and get a similar or identical perfume. Imagine going to a place where people want to brag about their style and taste, only to find that a few people are wearing a similar or identical perfume to yours—all thinking that they got a bespoke perfume made just for them!

Fully Bespoke By The Perfumist

That's not how we do it. When we say bespoke, we mean from scratch—fully bespoke. We take into consideration every detail, not just your taste and how you want to feel, what you like to smell, and what you want to reflect or present to others by this scent, but factors like weather, temperature, the nature of your lifestyle, and many other factors.

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Why are we the only ones who can do it?

It's next to impossible that your order of custom perfume from one of the large companies will actually go through a real Perfumist or perfume maker who will look into it or make a change to it.

If you decide to hire a world-renowned perfumist (who's not working with a major company, as most master perfumists are), and they have strict agreements and rules on not working or designing for other companies or individuals. Even if you find this person, you will still need, or they need to source the materials, find the producing or distilling facility, do the packing, labeling, and then what's the guarantee that the next person won't be using the same or very similar formula to yours?

There are no other Perfume House in the world

There is no perfume house in the world (until the moment of writing) that offers a 100% natural, pure, top quality, fully human made, bespoke perfume that no other person will ever share with you.

By that I mean a perfume made by a master perfumist, from the best materials in the world, a perfumist that will not only ask you what you like and don’t like, but will go through your age, sex, habits, style, food, dress, environment, personality, skin type, line of work, desired impression, and the type of statement you like to leave on anyone that will come across you while you are wearing your perfume.

Not only that but pretty much all the materials that will go in the making of your perfume are exclusive to our house, so no other person or maker will be able to make or replicate your perfume, as it will be impossible to go through all the phases and levels of work to crat something even similar

So how do we custom make your perfume for you?

First step:

We will start by asking you a simple list of questions; this will give us a basic idea about what you like and what kind of perfume you want and give us the main direction of work.

Second step:

A Perfumist specialized will contact you directly, or by phone to ask you more detailed questions about your need and what you would like us to make for you.

Third step:

Based on the all the information we get, we will send you samples of basic raw materials that we think will be the best match for you and for your need - everything we send you is 100% make for you and exclusive.

Fourth step:

After you smell those samples and tell us what you liked (or what you didn’t like) and which one is your favorite, we will put all the info together and start working accordingly.

Fifth step:

We will make a couple of final perfumes for you based on all the information we have and the selections you made; from those final products you can pick your favorite and let us know if there is anything that you would like to tweak or change.

Sixth step:

We will finalize your perfume and register it in our database for you and only for you, your perfume or the perfume formula and materials will NEVER be made, given, or used by anyone else. Thus, we will 100% guarantee to you that no one in the world will ever smell your custom perfume except when you wear it and no one will ever be able to make it or get it.

Success have such a beautiful scent, let us make it for you!

Pinnacle of Custom Perfumery 

The is the Pinnacle of Custom Perfumery and you can only get it from The House of The Perfumist.

Prices for the bespoke service starts from a minimum of 10k USD going up to 100k USD. Based on the materials, the rarity, the complication of the work and the mixing. With the most projects ranging between 30k to 50k USD. 50% deposit is required when initiating the service.

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