Red sandalwood oil benefits for skin

Red sandalwood oil benefits for skin
Speaks of a Miracle, Magic arrives! This sweet phrase is well suited to the Santalinus or Red Sandalwood Oil because of its miraculous features, which have spellbound people from different regions.

Red Sandalwood, commonly known as Rakt Chandan in India, is widely popular because of its various health benefits and commercial usage. Still, deep down, it has skin-related solid benefits, which have been consumed through its precious oil. Studies have shown that regular application of Red Sandalwood Oil to the affected part of the skin has given excellent results without any issues. And the best part of using this Indian sandalwood oil is that its natural ingredient is free from chemicals and environmentally friendly. 

Continuing to this blog, you will get to know some stellar points regarding the benefits of Red Sandalwood oil for skin, but before this, let's look at a few important facts regarding "The Red Sandalwood."

Origin: Red Sandalwood Tree ( Pterocarpus, Santalinus) India 
Usage: Traditional medical practice 
Color: Deep Red
Aroma: Sweet, yet Woody 
Properties: Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial

Helps Preventing Wrinkles

 As a natural essential oil, Red Sandal Wood has a profound nourishing effect on the skin which helps through reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Research has shown that this sandalwood oil from India strengthens collagen, which eventually helps skin elasticity and makes it firm. With the optimum usage of this magic oil, one can have flawless and radiant skin.

Consists of Anti-Bacterial Properties 

With so many skin-related benefits, Red Sandalwood oil has one more advantage, which is having antibacterial properties. This magical oil is particularly effective for people suffering from acne and pimples. Having such strong properties, Red Sandalwood fights bacteria and germs and reduces the pimple appearance of red skin.

Provides Hydration to the Skin 

It has natural moisturizing properties that help in hydration and protect your skin from getting dry. With regular application of red sandalwood oil, you will find that your skin is getting smooth and supple because the oil works by getting your skin cells. Include in your skincare routine for a pinkish glow.

Aids in brightening 

Due to its antibacterial properties, Red Sandalwood oil has shown results in brightening also. Since it works on your skin cells and recovers the same, it helps brighten your skin by reducing dark spots and pigmentation.

Has Antioxidant properties 

Red Sandalwood oil is rich in antioxidants, which help protect your skin from solid radicals, pollutants, and aging. The antioxidants help by reducing skin damage and creating a layer to fight against impurities. Through the regular application of this natural oil, you will improve your skin conditions.

In a Nutshell, Red Sandalwood Oil has enough benefits, which act as a blessing for your skin. You can be rewarded by having glowing and healthy skin through optimum usage of this oil. At The Perfumist, we have the best sandalwood oil, which you can buy directly from our website for all your skin care needs. Along with it, we also carry an exceptional range of perfumes, attars, and oudhs, which you should try. Visit to learn more about it.

Ali Attar