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The Ultimate incense kit - 10 Clients only

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The ultimate natural raw incense kit, exclusively from the house of The Perfumist 


 1- Limited to 10 packages only

 2- Limited to one per client

 3- Limited to preexisting clients


 It consists of all the following:


 1- 1 tola (12 grams) of Indian King agarwood that we hand-selected.

 2- 1 told (12 grams) the greenest Hojary frankincense that we sourced from Dhofar.

 3- 1 tola (12 grams) of Roya Luba (a kind of frankincense that is rarely exported outside the country and considered by many as a magical and religiously significant material).

 4- 1 tola (12 grams) Real dragon blood incense, made from dragon trees sourced directly from Yemen mixed with dried red Roses and Moroccan saffron.

 5- 1 tola (12 grams) Royal mix of Vietnamese agarwood powder, Indian Mysore sandalwood powder, and Arabian coffee.


 All made in-house by our Master Perfumist, we only made ten packages of this because it's simply not feasible or profitable to make more. So we didn't make this for money. But to give our clients the experience of trying the best and the rarest incense in the world. 

Use it on charcoal or an electric burner. A small amount will suffice the need. We recommend using 1 gram of each incense. Use it in any order. The heat will depend on the preference, but we usually recommend the lowest setting and increase it slowly until it reaches the burning smoke extraction point. 


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