The Private List Subscription - by invitation only (not for public)

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This is the 1%

In over 300 years, we held many honors and titles. However, none were as valuable and regarded as our private list. The list that many heard and talked about but only a few have experienced.
Here is your chance to be on the private list of the world's most exclusive perfume house

  • This offer is by direct invitation only, and not for the public.
  • This offer is for pre-existing repeated clients only.
  • This offer is for pre-existing clients for one year or more.
  • This offer is for clients with a minimum spending amount.
  • This offer is for subscribing clients with positive feedback and excellent communications. 

How exclusive is this list? 

  • Out of the 5,000 clients, only 10 will receive this offer 
  • The total amount of clients on this list will never exceed 50 
  • This list gets an opening once a year only 
  • One invitation is sent for one chance to join 

What are the benefits of being on this list? 

  • You get every new oil, incense, or creation we make or produce, Half off! No restrictions, no limitations (except on items on consignment, artifacts, jewelry, and single unique items) (starting from 10/10/2023 the clients of the private list will enjoy the half-price privilege on everything including old oils and releases)
  • You get priority access to all oils and products before anyone else.
  • You get exclusive, private list clients-only oils and products that will be offered to private clients only and not be listed or sold to the public.
  • You get FREE oils, sampling gifts, and gifts on a monthly basis (Starting from 10/10/2023 this will include the build my collection program complimentary with no extra charges) 
  • You get a FREE full one-on-one perfume and scent consultation with our master Perfumist, Mr. Ali Attar.
  • You get no limitations or restrictions on quantities or limited batches
  • You get an end-of-year gift that is equal to or more in value than the total amount you paid for the entire monthly subscription
  • You get priority shipping and order processing at all times.

Who's on the list? 

There are currently three royalties, two presidents, four religious leaders, seven billionaires, and 16 celebrities and superstars.


The cost?

This subscription is offered for the symbolic cost of 99$ a month, charged monthly at the beginning of every month for each individual. You can cancel anytime. Actually, if you have received this email, it means you have already spent enough with us and this service and subscription will save you money. 


Questions or concerns, Fell free to contact us anytime.