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The Eid 2024 Package with President Saddam Hussein Musk Oil

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This Eid package is limited to a total of 99 packages worldwide. All the oils included are made in extremely limited batches and will not be sold independently or separately. The package will include the following! Happy Eid Mubarak


1. Sandalwood Rose: A harmonious blend of Indian and Australian Sandalwood oils, skillfully combined to unveil the volatile heart notes of the sandalwood tree. Infused with first-cut rose oil, and macerated musk, and topped with hints of vanilla and patchouli, this sweet and aromatic composition offers a modern interpretation of rose-sandalwood musk attars, resonating with palpable heritage and history. 3 ML bottle.


2. Royal Oud Mix: Crafted with a base of light steam-distilled Indian oud, aged Cambodian oud, hand-selected Sri Lankan oud, and Malaysian copper-distilled oud, meticulously layered by our master perfumer. This unique approach to oud reveals an intoxicating aroma—leathery and woody, with minimal animalistic notes. Designed for humid climates, it's a luxurious companion for quick access, offering a rare oud experience suitable for various weather conditions and settings. 3 ML bottle.


3. Saddam Hussein Musk Oil: Inspired by an original creation, this musk oil is a faithful recreation of the one made for President Saddam Hussein, using the same musk pods and ingredients, albeit with subtle seasonal and regional variations in minor notes. A blend of roses, oud, patchouli, neroli, sandalwood, cedarwood, jasmine, gardenia, ylang-ylang, lemon, and sweet orange, this oil encapsulates decades of craftsmanship and history. Limited to 300 mL, it is offered in 3 mL bottles as a complimentary Eid gift to 99 recipients worldwide—a tribute to its exclusive and storied legacy. 3 ML Bottle


4. Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Incense 100 grams


5. BAHIR - Eternally Ascending / Ancient Incense 100 grams


enjoy a sensory and olfactory experience like no other.