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Those are the oils used in this perfume as shown in the video from the first to the last:


 1- Moroccan saffron pure extract oil (it take about one kilo to produce the amount used in this mix)

 2- Royal Jasmin absolute (it takes about 80000 Jasmin roses to produce the amount used in this mix)

 3- Cambodian triple King Agarwood aged 50 years (it takes about 5 kilos of wood to produce the amount used in this mix)

 4- kashmiri first cut rose (it takes about 50000 Roses to produce the amount used in this mix)

 5- Champaca pure extract (it takes about 15000 roses to produce the amount used in this mix)

 6- Tuberose oil (night queen Indian full moon distillation)

 7- Mysore Indian sandalwood oil (takes about 6 kilos of wood to produce the amount used in this mix)

 8- Borneo white Agarwood (aetoxylon sympetalum pure distillation)

 9- Royal White ambergris (our own AMBR W pure ambergris oil distilled from the best white ambergris in the world)

 10- Bridge cut taifi rose oil (it takes about 10000 Roses to make the amount used in this mix)

 11- Our distillation of the highest quality yalang ylang oil.


 Facts about this Attar

 1- It was made on a three level layering with pure musk, castoreum and 24 k gold flakes Agarwood.


 2- It was topped with some of the rarest natural oils from some of the most exotic and precious flowers around the world.



4-The planning and sourcing for this oil took over 3 years, the making process took over a year.

 5- over 30 different kinds of natural oils were used.


 6- approximately more than 100000 Roses where used in the total mix


 7- approximately over 10 kilos of wood was distilled for its oil to be used in this mix.


 8- a whole pod of 10 Grams of natural Musk was used in this 200 ML total amount which is more than 3 times the concentration of the strongest Musk receipt.


 9- a whole 10 Grams castoreum pod was used in this 200 ML total amount which is 3 times the concentration of the strongest castoreum oil receipt.


The first nose

The first nose is very powerful strong and pungent. This is normal for any kind of Attar similar to the quality of this with such potent and powerful materials and oils in use don’t expect this to open like anything you smelled before and don’t judge it from the first sniff.


After few minutes it will start opening to the real compositions of the oil. You can get the saffron and the taifi rose clear on top, the sandalwood and the spicy Kashmiri rose lingering in the middle with other kinds of roses a mix between sweet and spicy but still very cleans and smooth almost powdery aromatic. Keep in mind this will act little differently from a man to women skin also based on temperature and body type.

The middle nose

This will be something very unique and special it will remind you with many things but nothing in specific this is because the materials used in it so familiar to the nose yet the mix is new so your nose will pick many notes and scents in the composition but the total composition will be unique, this is were the musk and castoreum will start coming out, smoothly and with caution, it will be there and it will obvious but not overwhelming or animalistic. Give it an hour or so and the musk with sandalwood will be there covered with different kinds of rose giving one of the most sort after and hard to make natural scent profiles.

The final nose

After about 6 hours of evolving and lingering beautifully it will start closing with woody notes, still with obvious rose hints in the background it will be more toward the skin but don’t thing this will be low projection as the people around you in the 3 to 4 foot diameter will ask you what are you wearing because it smells so good.

The total amount of this oil 200 ML.