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100 years old inherited wild Musk Pods - Private Vault

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The Three pods are:

  • Extremely dry 7.7 grams full Tonkin Vietnamese musk pod
  • Extremely dry, 14.8 grams full Siberian musk pod
  • Extremely dry 9.7 grams Mongolian full musk pod


Over 100 years old inherited and passed down in three generations in our family. it wasn’t easy to decide what to do with those pods. Given that we don’t know how it was sourced and it’s probably from hunter animals. No need to say that more than 100 years ago before the big corporations and beauty conglomerates drove many of the deer species to extinction, it was individual hunters who hunted in specific seasons for food, and when they found the musk they saved it. Those people in Siberia, Mongolia, the mountains of Tibet, and the jungles of Vietnam lived in harsh and challenging environments, they lived like that for centuries and some still until this day, and this is how they sustained their lives and fed their families. 

We wanted to offer those pods to the world on the day of Thanksgiving after asking our clients and followers for a vote on what to do with them. We could’ve made perfumes with them, lots of perfumes! but we wanted to offer them to the world, to other natural perfumists and artesian makers, we wanted to share our heritage and inheritance with the world and with the perfume community.

It’s not only that musk gets better with age, but it evolves, a little-known fact about musk is that it takes about 2 years to dry a musk pod fully and naturally to be used in perfumery and that is the minimum, if you want your work to be in the level of mastery you have to wait for 5 to 7 years. In Chinese medicine and alternative medicine such as the one used in India and Tibet musk that is used for medicine is recommended to be at least 10 plus years old, this doesn’t only take the fecal and urinal scent and notes out of it but it makes it musk more drier thus much easier to work with and much better in dissolving.

This usually led to questions, is musk perishable? The answer is if musk was stored properly then it will last forever, ask the Chinese herbalists, the Kashmiri Attars, and the Indian Vedic experts, and they will agree that musk is not only a material that can last for generation but it’s a live and it evolves!

What to expect from a 100-year-old musk? this is in no way a wearable final perfume actually if you are not a perfumer, a scent maker, or an experienced herbalist we will not accept the sale of this item, this is not something for someone who is trying to try, or experience it. This is one of the rarest natural raw materials in the world, saved and passed down in generations and it is of the highest quality and purity. Please don’t ask us if you can use it to make candles or creams! 

We are listing three pods, and we are listing them for a fraction of what it would be offered anywhere, if someone, somehow, for some reason decides to sell one of their most precious inheritance, we guarantee it won’t be as affordable as this. By doing so we want to empower young artists and perfume makers to work and produce real high-quality musk and make their dream come true, actually with the fact that most musk oil recipes are 1 to 100 up to 3 to 100 in maximum possible solution this means one to three gram of musk will produce about 100 grams of musk oil when mixed with rose or sandalwood, this means the smallest pod will produce about 700 to one litter of musk oil. More than enough to pay with generous profit the cost of the pods, and we are doing so to help support the natural perfume community and the artesian makers.

Due to the nature of this material, restrictions, customs, and natural substances controls in many countries, this item will only be shipped inside the US (No exceptions).