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ROY OUD - Oud oil with sandalwood and Royal organic roses, deer musk

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100% natural organic Oud Oil (mixed oud from Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Malaysian), with steam distilled Indian sandalwood, rose oil, and pure Kasturi deer musk.

The total amount of this oil in the world is (30 grams only)

This kind of oud is designed to the European and western standard its 100% natural and pure oil, but still, it’s very light and pleasant on the nose it’s unlike the pure Indian and Arabic oud that has a harsh and strong intimidating opening. This is like many top Oud perfumes and colognes like Kilian, Tom Ford, and Creed. You will clearly smell the Oud in it, but it’s not something that people will find very strong, intimidating, or harsh. Still, it’s extremely luxurious smell and anyone who will smell this will know exactly what kind of a man or woman would go to such extravagance and wear such quality of limited oud. From personal experience, this will work great for formal occasions, business meeting, night events and meeting important people for the first time. This guaranteed to leave an impression on everyone around you. In addition, the smoothness and sweetness of this oil are adored by both men and woman, so you will never go wrong with it. Finally, it’s something that you can wear anytime in any environment cold or hot humid or dry this will stand out; we put our name and 100% guarantee behind it.

Extinct – Rarest – Cannot be found anymore. These are the rarest raw materials on the planet, museum quality oils, those oils cannot be found, replicated, or re-generated. There are such very limited amounts that they get sold by the milligram. The people who work and deal with those oils around the world can be counted on one hand. The majority of the time, these oils will be restricted to royalties and billionaires. The lowest age of these oils starts from 50 years old going up to 500 years old. Anyone who holds one of these oils holds an experience that is exclusive to one human being on this planet. Only 0.001 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Very limited – Extremely Rare – Extremely hard to find. These are oils that it’s simply a matter of time, and by that we mean few years, before it goes to the previous category (extinct). These are oils that most probably were a symbol of luxury and opulence throughout the ages and very few privileged people in history had the chance to enjoy them. Only 0.01 per cent of the population will have the privilege of experiencing the power of this olfactory.

Limited – Rare – Hard to find. This is the lowest of the categories we have but it’s still considered by many as a pinnacle to express class, luxury, and taste in its most aromatic form. These are very limited oils