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KASTURI - kasturi deer musk / 100% natural 50 years old aged

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100% natural, organic, aged Kasturi musk. Ethically extracted from a top-quality farm over 50 years ago.

The total amount of this oil in the world is (30 grams only)

Attention: this is by far the strongest and most powerful pheromonal substance in the world.

This is by far one of the rarest and most special oils in the world; this is what kings, queens, and royalties in the old ages used to wear and it’s what’s royalties in the Middle East wear to this day. Only the wealthiest and most privileged connoisseurs have access to this quality oil.

(Personally, we made private perfumes for 3 Arabic royalties that this oil was the base of and this amount is all that is left).

The history of Kasturi dark musk is very long and well known. It’s been used as a medicine in the old ages and to this day, in Chinese and Arabic alternative medicine, it’s considered one of the most beneficial and most sought-after materials.

This kind and quality of Musk are almost extinct due to the decrease of the