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Wild Sinking Kinam Jewelry necklaces, Green Kinam and Black kinam

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The Ultimate treasure of the collector, the connoisseur, and the naturalist.

5 pieces of wild green sinking kinam, and 7 pieces of Black wild kinam, this is a very special and unique collection that we have been working on for months to offer to our most loyal clients during the holiday season.

The green kinam was sourced from Vietnam, in the 1980s and each piece has a unique and fascinating patina. The pictures don’t give this work its justice as it has to be touched by hands seen by the eyes and enjoyed by the nose to truly appreciate its rarity and value of it. Each of the green kinam pieces is 4 plus grams in weight.

The ultimate Black fully sinking kinam wood, hand-selected pieces from ancient wild trees (naturally grown with human interference). This is one of the most sought-after and rarest in the world hue imperial city sinking agar harvested in the 1970s. each of the black kinam pieces is 1 plus gram in weight.

We acquired this from a well-known collection from Japan, the wood is certified and tested. No treatment, no additives, and no enhancements. This is pure natural wild black kinam.

Each piece is hand cleaned, where there is no wood or outer shell left it is just pure black kinam, each piece is made into a necklace individually by a master jeweler, with pure silver polished to perfection for a true and ultimate one-of-a-kind piece and statement jewelry.

For you or someone special, this is probably one of the rarest and most unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry. We went through a lot to be able to offer 5 pieces of the green kinam and 7 pieces of the black kinam only. This was a very small and limited attempt to present an artistic and meaningful artifact and stamen piece for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else.

The time, effort, and work to get, certify, and make into a necklace is way beyond this price. Consider it another thank you note and a statement for the house of The Perfumist.