Where The Perfumist and big designer houses disagree

Where The Perfumist and big designer houses disagree!

Most Corporations / perfume brand names 

The Perfumist (Our House)

We sell beauty and health products

We sell art and olfactory experience  

Buy cheapest, sell highest, make the most out of it

Buy the best sell the best make the best out of it

Quantity, quantity, quantity then maybe quality

Quality, quality, quality then maybe quantity

People don’t know what they want we tell them what they want, and they buy it!

People know what they want, we can make it for them. If we do it right then they buy it

Out of a $100 Spend one dollar on the item itself and $99 on marketing and promotions

Out of a $100 spend one dollar on marketing and promotions and $99 on the product

What’s in the perfume doesn’t matter if it’s smells good and sells

What’s in the perfume matters because if it’s good it will always smell good and sells out

Make perfume that everyone likes

Make perfumes that some will love, and others will hate

Target the impulsive buyer, the inexperienced person

Target the thinker, the connoisseur, and the expert

The Goal is to make money, overcome competition and control the market

The Goal is to give people an experience, enrich their life and senses, elevate their spirit and feelings through scent

if no one can make it then it’s impossible to be made

If no one can make it then we must

Target the youth through sexual and hype-based advertisement and marketing 

Target the youth through explaining the beauty, power and value of nature, art, and individuality   

Keep the formula a secret, hide the contents, and never talk about the details

List the name of the perfume or oil, the contents, and all the details of the sourcing and manufacturing

The policy is based on the general naïve and uninformed person by publicly saying that you don’t use animal-based materials and then privately test on animals, use harmful materials, source from countries with unethical sourcing and cheap child labor.

The policy is based on the knowledgeable and informed person. We do use animal-based materials, but everything we source and use is 100% NO-KILL, cruelty free, ethical and we never test on animals or source from unethical sources.

Keep changing the bottle, the colors and the packaging based on the trends and the fashion

Almost the same bottle and same packaging for the last 300 years

Make it, grow it, sell it. Money is the end result

Make it, grow it, keep it, legacy is the end result

Make it familiar, simple and unchallenging

Make it exotic, complex, and challenging

Make sure the material is cheap and widely available for a remake

Make sure the material is valuable and rare, make the very best out of it, then it won’t be possible to remake it even if we wanted to 

Understand the market, the segment, and the target

Understand the spirit, the mind, and the element


The designer or perfumist job ends with the formula

The designer or the perfumist’s job never ends as it’s a continuous process from sourcing, manufacturing, packing, feedbacking then continuous development.

The owner of the house or the company rarely gets into the details of the work

The owner of the house or the company is directly involved in all details of the work