The Hype of the bottle !

Please allow me to be a little sarcastic and give me the freedom to be ironic lately I start noticing that many perfume companies even those who've been in the business for long time some of them are pretty respectful some of them are pretty well known some of them even considered some of the best in their line, they start showing more concern and attention about the bottle and the package than the actual perfume or the oil I don't know if it's the market, if it's the time, or if it's just a promotional hype, but it looks likes everyone is trying to get the best bottle and the nicest packaging even though the oil is not getting much nicer or better and I can't stop thinking about one of the rarest oils in the world a pure Japanese kinam distilled by master horiyoshi 500 years ago it's in the private collection of an Arabic royalty who is a friend and client of us, the oil is in a cask of old animal leather that if you looked at it you probably be hesitant to touch it as it looks very old, very dirty, and not visually pleasing trust me it's not the nicest package nor its the most beautiful bottle,  but the oil inside is the rarest and most expensive raw material on the plant so maybe it's about time that we start getting people's attention to the oil rather than the bottle and the quality more than the packaging we may be wrong but this is our thoughts and approach we know you may think if everyone is doing it why don't we do? Please let me tell you that we had our share of the some of the rarest and most expensive bottles in the world, starting from hand blowing glass and bohemian crystal passing through hand engraved and ornamented Persian silver and gold casks ending with the some of the most expensive bottles ever made with diamonds, ruby, and sapphire from the custom shops of Turkey and Oman so yes we do it and probably better than anyone else but we done it when people asked for it, collectors, kings and billionaires people who specifically asked for it and were able to afford it, we didn't just hyped it up and marketed it as the most important aspect of our work we didn't charge people for something they didn't ask for we didn't make a profit from bottles and packages and we don't want our bottles and packages to be the most expensive aspect of our work then our oils will be the cheapest and we are not bottle or glass makers we are perfumists and want to be judged by our perfumes and oils and only our perfumes and oils, and we say this in the most humble way and with at most respect to all companies, brands, and perfume makers.