My promise - Ali Attar / The Perfumist

In the same way that a canvas immortalizes some artist's vision, and a melody gives voice to a composer's soul, the legacy of The Perfumist is built upon a foundational promise. This was a pledge made many years ago when I was still a young dreamer, a vow to my grandfather. 'Never settle for anything less than excellence in our work, always put forth your best efforts, and remain dedicated to self-improvement, always competing with ourselves as for a better tomorrow we need a better today from the best yesterday' he advised. At the time, his words seemed self-evident. Why, after all, would anyone need to stress such an obvious commitment and promise?

Yet, as the years went by and transformed the world and the people in it, the market, the business the companies - often not for the better - the true wisdom behind that old pledge has blossomed into full clarity and understanding. Particularly in the realm of ancient perfumery, where the art has been taken over by terms like “profit”, “gain”, “expansion” that old promise has proven to be an essential guiding principle and a strong market differentiator.

To all our esteemed clients, followers, and fans, understand that a promise is more than just words; it is a lifeline in the tumultuous sea of life. It represents unwavering integrity and serves as a moral anchor a foundation for what we are. It's a pledge from the artist to their craft, akin to a poet's loyalty to their words. It is perhaps the most significant gift one can offer and certainly the most crucial to uphold.

Through life's inevitable ups and downs, this solemn promise endures, unwavering and constant. It's this commitment that continues to steer both me, Ali Attar, and the whole team at The Perfumist, in our quest for the pinnacle of quality in Artesian/Arabic perfumery. We are ever driven by a pure, unfiltered passion for the art of Attar and ancient perfumery. To this end, we make a standing promise:

  1. All our oils are 100% natural, pure, and artisan crafted.
  2. Our entire range is 100% ethical, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.
  3. Every offering is 100% exclusive, limited in quantity and of unparalleled quality.

A simple three face promise. That's our pledge to you, a modern translation of ancient values and age-old artistry into the products that bear our name, an enduring promise in a world of ever-changing priorities.


- Ali Attar