Is Red Sandalwood Good For The Skin?

The Red Sandalwood

Native to India, the Red Sandalwood is a type of Sandalwood tree. These trees are found primarily in the Southern parts of the Eastern Ghats mountain range of South India. A mature tree goes 5-8 meters high and has a deep grayish bark. Valued for its naturally rich red color, Red Sandalwood is a highly demanded wood worldwide. This tree is harvested for various commercial and medicinal purposes. The timber is also used to extract santalin, a red pigment obtained from the tree trunk as dye and colorant in the food, medicine, and cosmetics industries. 

The luxurious, sweet, and lasting odor of the heartwood of this tree has made the oil of Sandalwood useful in the perfume industry for making Sandalwood perfume, sandalwood scented candles, incense, in ayurveda, and religious and cultural purposes from ancient times. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the center of the trunk, the heartwood, by steam distillation. These trees are slow growing. They usually take about 30 years for the heartwood to become economically useful. Thus, Red Sandalwood trees are rare.

Sandalwood, for centuries, has been used to treat various skin conditions. Sandalwood is one of the most potent ingredients for maintaining the health of your skin. Generally, Sandalwood is used in the form of powder and oil. Its oil helps nourish the skin, enhance skin cells' elasticity, and even out skin tone, giving your skin a youthful look. These qualities are also beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars on the skin. 

Fights Signs of Aging

Sandalwood oil contains antioxidants that slow-down oxidation. The slowed oxidation process, in turn, helps maintain the skin cells' bouncy structure, making it look healthy and supple. These antioxidants fight free radicals and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It also treats dryness by replenishing the moisture content in the skin, which ultimately increases your skin's elasticity.
Fights Acne 

Though not so readily available, Red Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties, which work wonderfully for acne-prone skin. It also helps treat psoriasis, eczema, and several other skin conditions. 

Purifies Blood

The Red Sandalwood, known as rakt chandan (blood Sandalwood) powder, is also used as a blood purifier. It also helps in improving skin texture. Its moisture-balancing.

properties help control the skin's excess oil and sebum production. Using Red Sandalwood for the skin brings back its natural shine and radiance.

Red Sandalwood Oil

Red Sandalwood oil is often promoted as a tool to help calm the mind and induce sleep. It has a lot of benefits in aromatherapy. It can promote calmness and lower stress and anxiety. In addition, aromatherapy with Sandalwood helps in improving sleep quality. 

Massaging the Indian Sandalwood oil on the pressure points also has a delightful Calming effect on the scalp and body. It also nourishes dry hair by conditioning and moisturizing. This aromatic red oil is also used in bath soaks for a relaxing experience. 

Mysore Sandalwood Oil

Red Sandalwood oil in the perfume industry is used for making natural, earthy, woody Sandalwood perfume.  Due to its scarce availability, Indian Red Sandalwood oil is said to be a rare luxury. The oil is used by rubbing it onto your wrists as a natural alternative to perfumes. Research has also shown that Sandalwood's woody, exotic scent can improve mood and attentiveness.

Being native to the small regions of India, it is heavily regulated to prevent exploitation of the Red Sandalwood forest. We at The Perfumist extract pure and scarce Indian Sandalwood oil from its trunk through Steam Distillation. 

The first nose scent of the Indian Mysore Sandalwood Oil has the earthy smell of sandal, with a hint of vanilla and fruits. It is followed by the second nose scent of incense, brown sugar, and light tobacco. And the final nose scent of honey, cherry, and delicate flowers. 

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