Coronavirus and advises from the perfumist

You probably know all the listed precautions and warnings about the coronavirus but here are some suggestions and advice from the 300 years old house and it's master Perfumist or Attar:


 1- avoid drinking cold or frozen drinks, it confuses your body and May have a negative effect on your immune system.


 2- get enough sunlight, since most people are staying home, they may not be paying attention to this but your body just like all living things needs sunlight.


 3- keep your room well ventilated and fresh this can be done with sunlight, a simple fan and keeping things like carpet and sheets clean natural purifying incense is also recommended.


 4- high amounts of alcohol in Perfumes can kill the virus, some Perfumes containing 70% or more alcohol can work like hygiene if you don't have hygiene.


 5- your immune system is your final and most vital frontier of defense, keep it healthy by consuming enough vitamins and minerals and increasing the amounts of fresh and healthy food.


 6- decrease the amounts of alcohol consumption and smoking as it directly damages and weakens your immune system.


 7- drink more clean water, it helps your body get rid of waste and help your immune system.

 Wish you all a safe and healthy day, our thoughts and prayers with everyone facing a hard time.


Additionally, here are some thoughts

  • In our fast life and living style, we rarely find time to sit with ourselves and rethink our life, goals, and things we want and care the most about using this time to rethink your life and goals.
  • It is a hard time for everyone, this is a fact but not everyone will take the time and the effort to check on people, give your friends and family a call or text check on them and wish them a safe and healthy time, yes it may not save their life but it is nice and they will appreciate it.
  • Take some time to read and experience more about the things you love, with an internet connection and a computer you can pretty much know and explore any subject.
  • Time to wear your most challenging perfumes, if you have this specific oil or attar or even alcoholic spray that you were not sure if people will like or hate, now is the time to wear it.
  • Be conscious about your habits, if this time is meant to teach us anything it is to be careful and conscious about our habits like personal hygiene and social distance are just the tip of the ice.
  • Be thankful and positive, take this as a time to be thankful and appreciative for everything you have when things get better and it will be ready to go full speed and power to make your goals
  • Fear is the enemy, yes it is a global epidemic and yes everyone is facing a hard time, but keep in mind there are two kinds of things in the world those we can change and those we can change ourselves with, if you can’t change it, you can change yourself and the way you feel about it.

Stay strong stay safe and use more perfumes, preferable natural perfumes, and attars.


- Ali Attar