Advice from a 300 years old perfume house to young perfumists

Pieces of Advice for young perfumists and natural perfume makers from a 300-year-old perfume house that made some of the best and rarest distillation in history:
    1- understand the elements (water, fire, air. And earth)
    2- understand that every oil and natural material is a unique being and it will vary from a place to a place even though it may be the same species or kind
    3- always try to make a little that is great rather than making a lot that is good.
    4- pay attention to your tools, pods. And pipes they are the organs of the perfume and the body of your work
    5- don't harm your nose with chemicals, no natural oil can harm your olfactory sense but any synthetic oil can
    6- make your work unique don't try to clone or imitate others perfumery is all about uniqueness and being genuine
    7- pay attention to the angles and direction of the joint and pipes specifically your dropper and distillation pipes
    8- love your oils if you don't love them don't sell them you are judged by your lowest and weakest oil not your best
    9- enjoy life experience the smell of everything around you and try to understand the meaning behind the smell.
    10- don't be afraid or intimidated to try new things and bold ideas.

    Lessons from the accumulated knowledge and experience of a 300 year of making, mixing, and distilling over ten thousand oil
    1- wear what you like not what people like you to wear, be confident about your choice.
    2- take your oils and perfumes personally you are what you wear or what you make
    3- there is no excuse for not smelling unique and special not only good
    4- there is no gender in perfumes it's a fallacy that big corporations made to make it easier to market, sell, and segment their clients
    5- never mix synthetic oils with natural oils a 90% natural oil mixed with 10% synthetic is called synthetic oil and not natural because a natural oil is only 100% natural if it's not then it's synthetic
    6- don't make the package and the bottle the most expensive thing about your work because your oils will be the cheapest.
    7- real skills and good oils develop and get better in time if your skills are not getting better in time I doubt your oils are
    8- don't compete with others don't say bad things about others let your oils speak for themselves don't speak on their behalf.
    9- don't make your oils based on the market, gender, trends, or seasons make them based on quality, uniqueness, and smell
    10- don't try to make fast profits or flip oils for money like brokers, that's what's all the companies that are closed and got forgotten tried to do.