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The extravagant Attars the magic of alchemy

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Buy all six oils in any size and automatically get a free 3ML bottle of “Sweet ancient musk”, with seven magnificent oils you will never have to wear the same oil twice a week, fully handmade, in small and limited batches from the rarest and highest quality materials in the world all in less than the cost of mass-produced, synthetic, designer’s cologne or perfume, we made it possible, enjoy!  


Taifi Oud

A masterpiece of rose consisting of Taifi rose (Rosa Damascena from the region of Taif in Saudi Arabia) and Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) with midnight queen (moonlight cactus) mixed with a very light and settle oud oil were the rose composition on all its levels is obvious and prominent making this the ultimate oil for the rose lovers, sweet rosy and very clean.

A mix of the most loved oils for middle easter royalties and rules, the highest quality or rose “taifi” from the city of Taif in Saudi Arabia with Indian oud, this one is unilateral and it’s for those who know what they like, and they know why they like it, this opens like a presence of a royally in the room, very rich and very expressive, this is not the regular rose or oud oil this is the rose and oud (period). The second nose is consistent but lightly aromatic with clean hints of patchouli and neroli, maybe jasmine and gardenia somewhere nearby the rose is still powerful. The closing is vivid, and the oud is more powerful than the closing, the rose is still there but now it allowed the oud to take its true place as a king.


Jasmin oud

An exotic mix of one of the most expensive oils to produce from a flower, Jasmine with an elegant oud and a hint of Gardenia to contain the power of the Jasmine with elegance and silkiness that will be experienced from the very first sniff. Exotic, lingering, and warm.

Rich and smelling expensive, this is the highest quality of jasmine masterfully integrated with oud on the molecular level, there is an aura of holiness this is not the daily oils this is the special even oil and that is the opening, the second nose is Rosey very unisex and equally attractive to both men and women, there is no harsh jasmine notes or overly sweet rosy notes this oil scrams classiness and style for everyone who touches it, the closing is woody with like gardenia and greenish clean herbal accords and the jasmine is there all the way majestically ruling with Thai oud oil over this magical kingdom.



Malt oud

Never attempted before amalgamation between oud and malt notes. A masterpiece that you have to try to fully appreciate, a bomb of honey, caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar with hints of leather and single malts in the background this one is defiantly for the night!

The opening is cognac-like, with sweet brown sugar and dark grapes. Very delicious and sweet with clear intentional edible notes. The second nose after a few minutes is an aromatic balsamic fruity and clean combination of oud leather and light chocolate, the closing is near the skin liquors dark cherry with hints of honey and cinnamon


Tabac oud

A magical integration between oud and tobacco, light sweet green leaves with old pip tobacco, and hints of wood and incense with light and sweet oud make this the ultimate smoker scent and the scent for those who enjoy a good tobacco profile in their perfumes.

Green and sweet tobacco is the opening, herbal in a way but not over herbal, the oud is barely visible in the olfactory profile, hiding in the background but its presence is still well felt. The second nose is after about 3 minutes is a clear manifestation of tobacco leaves and green tea with light smokiness very clean and soapy like with light cold breeze of wood, the closing is more oud-like and in a very harmonious way with the tobacco in meeting the oud at the end of this love story and it’s a very happy ending.


Amber oud

A mix between ambergris, Baltic amber, and copal with light clean oud, this is probably the most ambary oil you will ever smell with the different amber notes and accord visible in the composition, a very hard thing to do especially with natural oils, and when this dry down you are in for an aromatic experience that will break the rules of what is possible amber wise!

The opening is very amber-like, copal with hints of frankincense and myrrh, like a rose in the background the second nose after about two minutes is clean and powerful aromatic amber with resinous and fruity structure making one of the loveliest amber amalgamations with oud, the oud is present in the background very light and clean, the closing is smooth warm resinous with vibes of honey and mango very balanced but very intoxicating if you ask me.



Cocoa Oud

For those who love chocolate, look no further than this, a powerful yet elegant jungle of Cocoa with coffee, balsam, and sweet herbs, this is the ultimate seducer and the oils that will leave others asking what this? it smells delicious. Chocolate, Cocoa, balsam, and dark fruits this oil is the jungle

This one is chocolate, the opening is dark sweet chocolate no other better way to describe it, a masterpiece of alchemy the second nose after a minute or so is very sweet honey-like with clean and rich aromatic flavors, you get tamarind, sugarcane, warm vanilla. The closing is powerful very coco with oud in the background present but not too powerful barely making a pleasant statement this oil is for the seducer he said.