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Shaza - The new year Attar 2020 - 2021

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The new year Attar "shaza" in Arabic means the perfume that is strong and vibrant.

It was a long year for everyone, few of our House members lost family members and friends this year, and many people had a hard time. We purposely made this oil in a way that resembles power and resilience and the will to overcome obstacles and challenges.

This oil is made from the rarest materials in the world. Few of those were thought to be impossible to distill and make in Perfumery until this moment. We went through and an enormous amount of effort, time, and cost to make this possible a challenge for ourselves and to prove to others that with enough will, commitment and dedication, everything is possible.

The total amount of this oil is 300ML. The entire content of this oil was all distilled or acquired personally by our house. No third-party materials or oils were used.

The opening

Like many of our oils and Attar, this one will open strong and flowery. Powerful and yet soft and gentle on the nose, a few seconds on the palette and clear rose and vanilla is present.

The middle

After a few minutes, 10 to 15 minutes, the oil will start evolving ultimately. A world of rare flowers and exotic notes will manifest. Midnight queen, one of the rarest flowers in the world, a flower that flourishes for a few hours at midnight and perishes with the first sunlight, is one of those notes. Japanese blue lotus, described by many as magical and unearthly mixed in perfection with first cut Taaifi bride cut rose oil Moroccan saffron oil. Black Halfeti rose a rose that grows in one place in the world, and that is the Halfeti city in Turkey.

The closing

The final nose is as magical and powerful as you can imagine from a composition that contains some of the rarest Musk and oud in the world, woody, leathery with clear rose and aromatic amber in the background. Powerful but not overpowering, vibrant but not intruding, sweet but not sugary.


A short description: this oil will be a perfect oil for someone who is not trying to smell similar to others buy yet does not want to smell quite different. The notes and the accord in this oil are remarkably familiar, so people will not perceive it as Strang or overpowering. Still, at the same time, it is like nothing else as the complexity and the materials that went in it will put a lifetime challenge to any designer or mass-produced perfume or cologne to dare come remotely close to this one.


As you see in the picture:

From right to left

 1- a mix of some of the rarest Roses and absolutes containing (first cut bride taaifi Rose, first cut Isparta Rose, Indi rose, Moroccan saffron, cardamom absolute, frankincense ab