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Royal #2 - Your Christmas Gift - The ultimate mix of 8 pure oud oils.

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Our Christmas gift to you!

8 oud oils from the private collection of the perfumist. The newest of them is more than 20 years old not only extremely rare but few of them are officially extinct including a 100 years old Vietnamese Kinam (2.5 ML) the one with the yellowish-greenish color.

The oils are hand selected by the owner and master perfumist of the house, Mr. Ali Attar, to make a real pure authentic oud oil that still smells familiar and non-threatening to the western nose and can be compared to some of the best high-end oud designer perfumes.

In reality, it is hard to compare this to any other oil or perfume and you will know what I mean when you smell it.

By weight only this oil should be at least 10 times the listed price, the total amount of this oil is 150 Ml. it will not be remade, and it can’t be reformulated and when it’s gone it’s gone forever.

We are giving this away as a Christmas gift for those who were waiting for something truly rare, authentic, limited exclusive and yet extremely affordable. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

This oil will be listed for 9 days only, or until it’s fully sold out.


Thank you for the love, the support and being a customer of the most exclusive perfume house in the world.