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Oud Arabic # 1 - Extremely limited batch 150 ML

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Oud Arabic # 1


The kind of oil that was worn on the battlefields. There is history in every drop of it, and you can smell it! The mix of three types of pure oud oils, some of the most sought after and unique oud oils, we put extra effort into making sure this oil has no pungency, animalistic, or barnyard note.

Clean, Woody, leathery, and aromatic complexion that will project and last like nothing else. It will make a statement we guarantee it.

It is limited to 150 ML / extremely limited batch.

This oud oil is our new distillation of triple king Malaysian oud oil (one of the highest-rated and most demanded), 20 years old gold dust Cambodian oud oil, and 30 years old Vietnamese Trang oud oil.

This mix is something beyond what you have experienced in the matter of profile for a layered oud. Keep in mind