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Solid White Kinam Piece - Jewelry piece

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An astonishing piece of wild white kinam, naturally made in the center of 100-plus-year wild jungle trees. The piece comes from the surrounding areas of Nha Trang, and it was found/extracted in 1996. The pieces are perfect for jewelry making, to be used as a pendant, or just simply displayed the way it is for a statement natural art piece.

The term kinam has been used lately by many and thrown around as a commercial/promotional term, so when we say Kinam we mean real “Kinam/Kyara” which has to be:

1-     Wild, no human interference (so all harvested and grown Kianm even though it might smell like kinam and looks very similar is not real kinam, or at least it has to be disclosed clearly that it is harvested and from plantations and NOT wild)

2-     It has to be from specific regions, mainly the middle central provinces of Vietnam like Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa, Phu-Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Kon Tum, and Nha Trang. (With some very small exceptions)

3-     Kinam, is undiluted and not added or mixed with anything else, as it’s pure in both compositions and constituents (Boild, injected, enhanced, or pressed kinam is not real kinam)

4-     Finally, kinam has some very specific constituents and elements that can easily distinguish it from normal and regular agarwood.


There are a few kinds of kinam, the oldest and the largest is the most sought after for its unique properties the beauty of it when made into jewelry pieces or displays, and the sweet, floral, cool scent when it’s burned. Many Asian cultures believe that agarwood is general and Kinam in specific has special and almost magical properties to the body and mind. It was used in the old chines medicine, and until this day it is used to decorate the offices and houses as an important (feng shui) practice.

kinam wood itself is super rare and extremely hard to find, nonetheless a solid piece of kinam like this one. This piece is the case with all other similar pieces/Jewelry acquired directly by our house. We don’t only source our pieces from the source and from the most reliable and trusted collectors, wood-hunters, and auctions around the world, but each piece has to pass a strict scent (aroma test) and a lab test.

Similar pieces and jewelry of kinam are not only extremely hard to find and require knowledge and testing to authenticate but extremely expensive and rarely ever listed or sold publicly as there are very specific auctions and vendors who source, buy/sell, and deal with such items. By listing those individual items here we are simply trying to give our valuable clients and followers the chance of having such a treasure, tested and guaranteed for a fraction of the price that it’s usually sold for.

kind: Wild/no human interference (not from plantations or harvested)

quality: non-sinking

The piece weight is 24.5 grams.

piece dimensions: 5.8 x 3.3 x 2 cm

spices: Aquilaria Crassna

sub spices: Pierre ex Lecomte

year acquired: 1996.

For more references and details about kinam feel free to read our blog and articles about kinam, and our Kinam wood and Kinam oil lab tests on our website.